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41He Lip Syncs On Stage

All he's known for is lip syncing into a COMPLETELY TURNED OFF mic

Beiber, do us all a favor and DIE! The world will be a better place. No more baby, baby, baby ohh to listen to, no more drama!


Doesn't most people do that now?
It's upsetting and discouraging that people don't use their natural voice.
What happend to real music?

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42He Is A Baby

He sure acts like one. A rich spoiled one at that too.

He wears saggy pants to hide his diaper and shame

I say that he sings in his moms stomach and he is born at 10:05am at October 1, 2016

He was actually born today, October 1, 2016. He is really a baby.

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43His Annoying Fanbase

Jb your a lesbian and first of all the beliebers think that the haters who are loners think they're jealous of him first off all they are not jealous of him which we are not because would you like to be chased by crazy fangirls we hate him because he thinks he's god and he thinks himself the best person in the world and you beliebers think Justin beiber is going to heaven he's going to hell

His fans are the most annoying people on this earth the get mad and bash Selena because she used to date him and note to the beliebers he doesn't even know most of you exist so stop obsessing and think he will be your boyfriend. But some of the believers are fine and I respect them

Funny how there's a retarded beliber claiming that we "want to be him".
Dear person, why the hell should we be jealous of a boy- oops, I mean girl, that can't sing, dance, and has mindless 12 year olds that don't have a taste in music, etc.
Why are you even on this list if you're so devoted? Surely you're not that stupid...

When I was twelve I listened to great bands like the Beatles and Green Day, not Bieber. - Anonymousxcxc

Selena is right for telling his fans that Justin don't know they exist.

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44People Think He's Gay

Wait... he's not a lesbian? I'm so confused...

He's NOT. Why can't you understand that he's a lesbian?

Gay? All this time I was believing he was a lesbian!

Wow you all are mature. - WonkeyDude98

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45He Criticized James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Dave Mustaine

What's his age again? I want to see how much years of purgatory we have left.

Did he actually do this? I feel bad for Metallica, but they would say to him " Actually we make music. YOU don't.". - MusicalPony

REALLY!? THE 3 GUYS HAVE THEIR ISSUES, DON'T TELL ME Justin Bieber WANTS TO GET INVOLVED (because its wrong, that's metal not crappy music)

Never heard of them and I still think it's crappy

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46He Has Bad Friends

I hate stupid Justin Bieber I would spank him any chance I got

His friends are bad. That explains all the trouble he's causing but he's choosing to surround himself with those people and a bad environment.

Hey guys, do you know the song 7 years by Lukas Graham? You know that part, where he says "Go make yourself some friends OR YOU'LL BE LONELY"? It kinda reminds me of 05yusuf09's comment.

Justin Beiber has no friends at all. He only has imaginary friends. Therefore his imaginary friends are bad. - TwilightKitsune

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47He Degraded the Argentine FlagV4 Comments
48He Abandoned his Pet Monkey

I think its kind of animal abuse and I hate animal abusers - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I have massive love for pets and animals and won't tolerate crimes and violence against them, and the idea of jb abandoning his pet monkey its just so cheap, like u don't love him? U hate him? Beware jb! U suck..

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49His Initials J.B.

The Jonas brothers were a good famous Disney band. Then Justin Bieber came along and had to steal the spot light. He stole their nickname. Disney should have sued him for the theft

Same as Jonas Bros... NOT RIGHT he just stole it that is why the Jonas Brothers have no fame anymore..

Idiot theif...
Can't he use his own brain to think of an original initials...

Oh Sorry...
He should find his brain first ^^ then think of some really good music!
Nincompoop loon...

This is one of the reasons he is hated. Jonas Brothers fans bash Justin Beiber for stealing their idols spotlight.

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50He Doesn't Know What German Means

I was listening to the radio and they were interviewing Justin beiber (I already hated him at this point) and then he said "what does German mean? We don't use that word in America. " YES YOU DO USE THE WORD German IN AMERICA! That was just his excuse for being a stupid dumbass.

What I love is he said "we don't use that word in America, and yet he's Canadian". What does that stupid immigrant know besides being terrible. - lukestheman4

Hell ya! I mean if anyway doesn't know what 'German' means he's REALLY dumb. My 4yr old cousin know what it means!

German: defined to mean of or relating to Germany, its inhabitants, or their language. Go to preschool dumbass.

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51He States That Being Gay Is a Choice

Really? First the Kurt Kobain comment, then the Anne Frank one, now this? This is what happens when the media takes someone out of school at way too early of an age and throws everything at them. No etiquette, no tact, no talent, and most definitely no reason to live. We lost Oderus and are stuck with this turd? I don't want to live on this planet any more.

Some of the greatest singers in rock and metal of all time are gay...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Justin beiber on this one.

Stupid homophobe

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52His Song Mistletoe

Jealous of him?!?! NO WAY! He smokes, does drugs, sounds like a girl, threatens to kill people, hates other music, (oh yeah know I know Y. BECAUSE HE HAS NO TASTE OF MUSIC) acts like a baby, and spits and pees on his fans because he treats his fans like garbage! I'm not jealous a teeny tiny bit!

Man fangirls these days, they'll do anything to defend the monster called Justin Bieber, I respect people's opinion on him, but now his "beliebers" are just dumb cause why would we be jealous of everything on this list.

Hey look, this was the only good song Bieber had. Feelings, emotion, and beauty. His hair was neat and he was wearing nice clothing for once. NO TALKING ABOUT SEX FOR ONCE. NO CRAZY SURROUNDED BY GIRLS. But I HATE HIM, AND ALL OF HIS OTHER MUSIC, AND I THINK HE DESERVES A LIST LIKE THIS.

What! Mistletoe is my favourite!

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53He Always Wears a Hoodie

Hoodie Symbolises that someone is immature and therefore cannot be trusted. - jackbrookes

He thinks this is cool but he's been kicked out of 2 country's

The Philippines and Thailand (which are both Asian countries)

Can you change your style once in a while?

Hey! His taste in fashion! Who are we to judge?

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54His Disrespect

Justin Bieber is stupid. He thinks he can do anything he wants when there are other idols out there especially in Japan such as Kojima Haruna who still follows the rules. Everything Bieber does on stage is really easy to do as opposed to all the hard work most Korean and Japanese idol groups do.

Banned in a lot of night clubs, destroyed 4 luxury cars he drove, disrespecting extremely important people, dissed his fans and his stupidity should be enough to destroy him.

He thinks he can do what ever he wants!

Justine spit on a picture of Bill Clinton, one of the better presidents. Deport him.

I think justin bieber should be taught how to respect, he can contact harry styles

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55He Looks Like Miley Cyrus

Yep, he looks like Miley Cyrus's twin brother (although Miley Cyrus doesn't actually have a twin brother) who is about to cause (as a little boy) sibling rivalry with her, despite being slightly younger, taller, heavier & more Canadian!

Is it weird that I think they're secretly related? - SamuiNeko

I hate them. Are both ruined the pop. - 05yusuf09

Poor, poor Miley

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56He's Immature

Just look at how many times you've heard about Justin Bieber on the news about doing dumb things. Like trying to cross a monkey across the border!

Okay, physically, he may be 21 years old, but he has the mental age of a 7-year-old girl. Who's with me? - RockFashionista

He is a arrogant retard who should be destroyed

Sometimes it okay to loosen up and have fun but immature activities like that, so not acceptable!

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57Arrived 2 Hours Late for His Concert

This happened twice! A lot of people left, no refund, he didn't even apologize

But no, he thinks that he was only late for 45 minutes. He was late for 2 hours. SO DEAL WITH IT Justin Bieber. - EpicJake

Why the hell would he do that twice?

He was playing computer games

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58He's Canadian

Reason I'm voting for this is because I'm canadian and I am ashamed why couldn't he gave been born in the U. S or somewhere else?

Funny how my favorite singer and least favorite singer are from the same country.

So what if he is Canadian? Canada spawned many other terrible acts, including Nickelback, Daniel Powder, Drake and Carly Rae Jepsen! Basically a place where music forgot, so a perfect place for him!

I think this is a bit racist - Neonco31

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59He Called One of His Fans a "Beached Whale"

Seriously? Insulting one of your fans?! Justin Beiber doesn't deserve all his fans. The only thing he deserves is a big, steaming pile of crap to be thrown in his butt-ugly face! - TheMarineRaccoon

I bet you he insulted ALL of his fans and if not yet I will be surprised. I bet you he has plans for insulting each and every one of his fans. All of them with a simply personalized insult. His fans should learn to stop loving him,

I'm surprised he still has a decent fanbase after he insulted one of his fans like this. It's obvious he doesn't care about his fans at all.

When he himself is screaming monkey. Hypocrite - MLPFan

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60You Can't Understand a Word He Says

He's more dumb than a 3 years old kid

He sound likes someone with a cent lip and a cleft palmate! He can't even say a word never mind sing! He talk luke this: moms me want me own wet!

Asks questions like he's a kid AND HE IS

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