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161He Thinks Bulgaria is Asian

Justin what is wrong with you? Bulgaria is Asian? Get the leaking atlas and learn what is diffrence between Bulgaria and Asia - BorisRule

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162He's a Weeaboo

This bring me a lot of confusion - BorisRule

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163He is a Brony

There's nothing wrong with being a brony.

164He hates DanTDM

Justin what harm did DanTDM to you. You hate him for no reason at all. - BorisRule

DanTDM did nothing to him but Justin hates him for no reason at all. - BorisRule

165He is stupid
166He is a Criminal

And people still like him? PEOPLE THESE DAYS - BorisRule

167He is a ThiefV1 Comment
168He made a racist joke involving the N word


169His Mom

You're mom should have aborted you. You don't know the story behind it, and you're not a Christian so you wouldn't understand, unlike me and Pattie.

If I had a time machine I would show his mom what his daughter will be like in some years and tell her to get an abortion

How would you feel if you were aborted all lives matter... And bi I'm not Christian ir a bleeding heart liberal um a teenager

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170His Motto

Believe. Such a epic fail. It is also annoying when his fans of his auto-tuned music call them self believers. Wow I just spelled it wrong but it auto corrected because it is now a word in the English dictionary.

I don't like Justin Bieber, but I think that his fans call themselves Beliebers. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Quotes by dictators are even better than his crappy mottos.

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171Can't Speak a Language He Claims to Know

Even a 3 year old girl sounds better then him

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172Can't Say His Own Name Properly

I can believe he doesn't knw what German is. I can believe he destroyed a lamborghini. I can believe he thinks Indonesia just some random country. I can believe he hates Asians. But he can't say his own name correctly?! He's a mess

He's a worst human being in this planet

Yes he does these are just stupid things u just want to spit out just to spit out. I don't exactly like him but he is a good person he is not to bad. so just stop

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173His Hair

I'm a dude who loves hair a lot. JB looked not too bad in the first but when he changed his hair style, he totally looks ugly. I was thinking like, how can Salena Gomez go out on a date with this dude. About that, all we can say is that she has got no cool taste for MeN.

Justin Bieber's hair I can't understand it

Dude looks more like a Bird's nest to me

Well if he likes it...

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174Tries to Be a Hero

He is no hero he's a pimp a dumb one who is a loser

He is Robin from Teen Titans Go in disguise - BorisRule

He is not a hero he is a dumpiest in the world

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175He Thinks Beiber Fever Is Incurable

IT IS, All you need is a metal chair, a ton of duct tape, sticky headphones and real music

But it is curable! Just listen to real music! - RiverClanRocks

It is curable. Blast out any song that isn't made by Meghan Trainor, 1D, Miley and Nicki Minaj.

It actually Is - MLPFan

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176He Sucks

Even a screaming 5 year girl is less annoying

The most straightforward reason to hate him.

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177He Called Indonesia "Some Random Country"

Justin Bieber ruin Indonesia Country just said "Some random country" That makes Belieber in Indonesian angry.

He better not make a concert in Indonesia or any other Asian country because Asians hate him! Not even in any country! He should have a concert in an asteroid - MLPFan

Did his parents even teach him at all about ethnic cultures?

Wait what? Now I hate him even more because he just called the country I lived in random country

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178He Thinks He Is Bad Ass

By bad ass he means his ass stinks

He's the complete and total opposite of a badass. Point in fact, there is NOTHING badass about him. He's dumb and corny!

If you consider a douchebaggy ego and serving 2 hours in jail for underage drinking; badass, then he nailed it.

Because he is one.

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179He Thinks He Is More Poetic Than Radiohead

Listen to break stuff Bruner. Let's call Justin Beiber Justin Bruner

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180His Fan Base Has the Worst Grammar of All Time

Yeah, even worse than Directioners and Swifties combined.

My English teacher would kill them - DaTrueSwagLord21

If his fans grows up to be like Justin beiber I would not be suprised

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