Top Ten Reasons to Hate Kidz Bop

I'm not trying to be mean to you all Kidz Bop fans, but it's my opinion. I do not hate Kidz Bop, I just don't like it.

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1They ruin perfectly good songs.

They take perfectly good songs, make corny remixes that makes you no want to listen to the original song anymore.

Now that I've listened to their covers, yes, they suck

If they ruin any Vocaloid songs, I will sue them and kill them! - mayamanga

They make money off kids covering mainstream songs. - madoog

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2They sang The Beatles' songs.

They sang the Beatles? Wow. They should not be doing that, just no.

And they didn't pull it off either. - Alpha101

3They are still alive

Yes they should die

4Their voices are awful

They sing like a dunce

5They now have 26 CDs

No they got more than that and they are crap

Gosh! How many songs have they covered? 489? They need to stop! - madoog

6The Kidz Bop kidz are just preteen wannabe pop stars

Yes, they ruin songs of other famous people (including the Beatles). Why don't these guys make their own song BY THEIR OWN (meaning without the producer or director or things like that)

I hate them covering songs that I like or dislike. - madoog

7The kids on Kidz Bop are not in school
8They take out the bad words of the song

Then why don't they just cover songs WITHOUT bad words

9They can't make their own songs

And their managers make the beats and play the instruments. Cause these little chumps are too stupid to learn how!

They actually made ONE song. Only one. And it sounded HORRIBLE.

10They Are Evil

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11They sang "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel

They have just ruined the most overrated disney song ever created

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12They make good songs sound bad and make bad songs sound even worse
13They sang "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus
14They Beat Someone Up

This should be higher!

15They cover inappropriate songs for kids
16They want their fans to shutup and go get a life
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