Top Ten Reasons to Hate Mario Kart 7

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1Having to Beat the 150cc to Get Every Character

That's unfair because some people suck at harder levels. - Metts

2No Waluigi

I hate it when Waluigi not in the Game! It have the stupid course Waluigi's Pinball! They should of done Wario Stadium from MK64! - Danteem

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3Blue Shell is Common

It's more common than the past games! Nintendo lie that the blue shell is more rare than the past games but is not! Is more rare in MK8! - Danteem

4Items are UnbalancedV1 Comment
5Some Retro Tracks are Mess Up

You can't go in the Train Tunnel in MK7! You can do it in MK64 but not 7! The underwater pipe becomes an half pipe! The rope brige is gone in Maple Treeway! The Retro Tracks improve in MK8! Some of the Retro Tracks are the same as before! - Danteem

6Annoying Voices
7Terrible Online Mode

It's hard to connect! I rarely get to get in! But I have Internet! - Danteem

8Okay Graphics

Gameplay matters more than graphics. It looks good anyway.

The graphics of Double Dash are a little bit better! - Danteem

9Same Winning Music as Mario Kart 64

It should have the winning music from Double Dash! That one was my favorite and it better be add in MK9 or MK10! The winning music on the N64 was pretty good! - Danteem

10No VS Mode

That's stupid that Mario Kart 7 doesn't have VS mode and you have to play the entire cup which is stupid. Only the old games can be like that, not the new ones. - Metts

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11Bad Gameplay
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