Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Movie Back to the Future


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1Generic storyline

I think the saddest thing is that people are still falling for this bait.

Actually the storyline is quite creative. And you must be an idiot or something if you still watch Barney & Friends.

Hold the eff up! Are you dissing my movie?! Get out now, here's the door, OUT! - Moxii

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2Lame title

How about y'all stop dissing my movie and its amazing title, okay.
Thanks. I appreciate it. - RockFashionista

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3Bad character names

Get these trolls & little kids off this site. Also, stop feeding them. - Luxam

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It's about time travel. Of course it's unrealistic! - RockFashionista

Movies don't have to be realistic, do they? - Disney1994

Yet you have no problems with Breadwinners and Dora the Explorer. Hypocrite. - TheYoshiPyro64

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5No sex scenes

This is entirely inaccurate. There was a scene where Biff attempted to sexually assault Lorraine. Also, since when is there sex scenes in Barney & Friends? Hence this user (even if they AREN'T Justin Beiber Lover) is still a hypocrite: they defend a show like Barney for being wholesome yet are disappointed when a critically-acclaimed movie "doesn't have sex scenes". PLEASE. If you want sex scenes, watch stuff like 50 Shades of Grey. NOT Barney & Friends, Barney is for kids! - Disney1994

Well, we're sorry that not all movies appeal to sick toddlers. - AnonymousChick

Move along folks, nothing to see here but an obvious troll. - GamerBoy

If you want sex go watch 50 Shades Of Grey. - Catacorn

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6The jokes aren't funnyV1 Comment
7It's boring

You know what's boring? Barney and friends!

Actually it's pretty interesting. - AnonymousChick

No, it's the best movie ever made. Just LOOK at my profile picture! - RockFashionista

I COMPLETELY disagree with this list! - Jackal2272

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8Part 2 of the trilogy showed we would have futuristic things in 2015; 2015 is almost over and we still don't have any of those things

Even if Part 2 was bad (I haven't watched it yet), why does that mean we can't like the original? Plenty of great movies have bad sequels, it doesn't mean you can't like the first film! Although I've actually heard the sequel was good like the first film, but I have yet to watch it. But I liked the first film, and you can't change that! - Disney1994

Actually some things almost exist. Scientists are working on flying cars, etc. - AnonymousChick

I'm sure it was a prediction, it wasn't meant to be just exactly as right now. - PrincessKiana

It was made in 1989. How were they supposed to know what 2015 looked like?

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9Bad musicV4 Comments
10It's corny

Barney & Friends is even more corny - Discord1

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11It's rated PG

Barney is targeted at 0 - 4 year olds. So, he probably means he's not old enough to watch it yet. - D0gLover970

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12It's extremely overrated
13It's science fictionV1 Comment
14It makes no senseV1 Comment
15It's one big adV1 Comment
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