Top 10 Reasons to Hate Nicki Minaj's Anaconda

This song is HORRIBLE! It's even worse than Stupid Hoe! And people actually like it?! And it got so many positive reviews over negative ones?!

People! Nicki Minaj is not real! What I mean by that is that she never grew up in a rough neighborhood, was never poor, was never in a gang or a ghetto, she worked as a waitress at a Red Lobster for crying out loud! She's a poser. Drake's a poser to. She's not a gangster alright?

People, STOP buying her stuff. If you are unfamiliar with this chick and you've never heard any of her music before, stay away from her. Her music will dumb down your IQ. If you're going to college and you have a high IQ and you need it, and you actually want to use it in life, stay away from this chick I am warning you right now. You only get dumber and dumber from listening to her music. Trust me please.

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1The Music Video

It's a music video? No, it's a PORN VIDEO!

I saw the music video. It was boring as hell and all it had was butts. And the music video made me throw up. That's how bad the music video is, folks. - EpicJake

I wouldn't recommend for anyone to watch this music video. When I first saw it, I completely forgot who I was. - MostTalented_BoyX

It's so disturbing

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2Nicki Minaj Has an Extremely Irritating Voice
3The Lyrics

All about butts. It's disgusting. - Minecraftcrazy530

It isn't! How is it disgusting? Just because you can't handle anything like that and you aren't mature enough doesn't men you need to put it into an irrelevant comment. - gemcloben

It IS disgusting. A whole song dedicated to talking about butts- and what's so attractive about someone's arse, anyway? A butthole is just a place your body uses to excrete your fecal matter. Your butt cheeks encompass this butthole. Very attractive.

She's not setting a good example to children, if you listened properly to the lyrics she's basically saying you have to have a big ass to get boys to like you.. Well guess what? NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE AN ASS LIKE YOU OR HEAR ABOUT IT!

Do they even count as "lyrics" when they're just the same three poorly spoken words over and over again?

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4It Has No Purpose to Exist

This sums it all up really, and includes all the other reasons on this list. It ruins the original song, degrades women, as well as the genre of hip-hop, and it just gives you an earache and makes you question what music is.

I am sick of hearing about her fake arse.

It is the worst song of 2014 while Linkin Park's Guilty All The Same is the best song of 2014. - ThePwoperMuser101

Her butts so fat, I bet she can't fit it trough a door!

5It's Degrading to Women

It just sexualises women, making guys think of women as nothing but sex objects!

"Butt it's feminist! " -My stupid friend

(And yes, I intentionally spelled "butt" like that to be facetious.)

I fail to see how this song accomplishes anything other than further perpetuating the stereotype that Nicki Minaj is an illiterate idiot.

"It's empowering! " It's almost like Nicki's version of empowerment /always/ equals being naked and needlessly sexual for profit- oh wait. The original version was more "feminist" than this tripe.

Nicki is a great rapper but I lost all my respect for her when I saw this music video

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6Nicki Minaj's Ugly Laugh

It was like she was trying to gurgle out some semen she forgot she swallowed, but it was in her throat too long and thickened up like glue.

The worst part in the music video. - MostTalented_BoyX

It sounds like the Wicked Witch of the West - kaitlynrad11

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7It's Irritating

She is wore than hitler isis or justin bieber

8It's Disgusting

That stupid laugh she did at the end of the video was so annoying and ugly. - ThePwoperMuser101

It made me vomit and her laughs in it murdered me

Yeah, the song made me feel sick. - EpicJake

9It's Horrible
10It's a Ripoff of Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back

Its true, Baby Got Back was a song during the 1990's, and Anaconda was during 2014. The intro is a rip-off, the verse is a rip-off, the beats are a rip-off, and the topic about butts were a rip-off except that Nicki Minaj actually showed her plastic ass in the music video

Face it, music wants talent, not huge asses and twerking in every music video

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11It Gives Both Rap and Music an Extremely Bad Name

She disgraced rap, and the face of music. Especially with this porn video!

12Sir Mix-a-Lot Actually Praised the Song

He even became a "fan for life" of Nicki Minaj. Why?!

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13Nicki Minaj Thinks It Empowers Women

How does a "song" about butts empower women? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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14It's Proof That Nicki Is a Hypocrite
15People Actually Like It

Only dead people like this song.

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16It's Dirty

Luckily, she didn't strip down naked like miley cyrus in wrecking ball, but anyways, its still horrible

17It's Repulsive
18It's Worse Than Stupid Hoe

Is it really though? I really don't know which one's worse.

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19The Music Video Is Filled with Butts

I didn't know wether they were butts or someone shaking a skin bag full of oranges!

All those woman care is their butt. In fact, they like each others butt

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20The Critics Actually Liked It

They did? I don't belong in this world...

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! How the heck can they like a song about butts? I don't know what's gonna happen to music in 10 years. *sigh* It's hard to be a real music fan born in 2004... - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I think they lost their senses after hearing the songs - Toucan

Paid critics are the worst because people actually trust them for some reason

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