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His body is ready to kick your butt.

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62Hates mature games

I don't really think Nintendo hates mature games. Maybe they are still hesitating.

Nintendo = happiness. Microsoft and Sony = child going wild and going to prison.

What Have you never heard of Bayonetta 2

That's because Nintendo isn't SELFISH or just make games 18+

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63No Nintendo Archie Comics yet

Nintendo could say yeas to Archie Comics later. Besides, this reason must be top 1.

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64Princess Peach instead of Princess Daisy & Rosalina

Nintendo could say yeas to Archie Comics later. Besides, this reason must be top 1.

65What they do to their creations

Nintendo could say yeas to Archie Comics later. Besides, this reason must be top 1.

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66Mario & SonicV2 Comments
67Princess Daisy & Rosalina Don't Appear In Many Games

Daisy has arguably the worst fanbase of all Mario characters. And Rosalina is everywhere, Smash Bros, Galaxy 1 and 2, 3D World, Mario Kart Wii, 7, 8, she's a main character now.

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68Nintendo Still Is Not Working With Archie Comics

OK what is it with you and Archie Comics... You might be a bit obsessed

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69Modern Mario Kart GamesV2 Comments
70Mario Sports In the 3rd MillenniumV2 Comments
71Advance WarsV2 Comments
72Princess Peach appears in more games than Princess Daisy and Rosalina

Who in the world cares are you a rosalina and daisy addict

There are way too many reasons that is about peach

Princess Daisy is koo-koo for cocoa puffs.

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73Advance Wars 1 is more higher rated than Super Mario 64 on the N64

It is? If it is, that's the critics, not Nintendo, right? - HeavyDonkeyKong

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74The Sonic Adventure remakes

You idiot and dam you to hell; sonic is from SEGA not Nintendo.

Megatroll666, stop. Please. You're lack of video game knowledge scares me.

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75Smash Bros U players

Interestingly, you like Smash Bros you don't you, but not me, I hate Smash Bros for the Wii U. It's actually the Internet mode. I KEEP GETTING KILLED BY EXERTS. And the Internet is so slow. That's it, Melee is better! Also it doesn't have a subtitle

Really! (in a whiny childs voice) "i'm not good enough this game sucks so bad because I'm not good at it! "

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76The whiny 'fans' and their pointless complaintsV3 Comments
77Daisy isn't in SmashV2 Comments
78They focused way too much on cramming the biggest games possible onto the 3DS rather than actually making anything new and originalV1 Comment
79They Abuse Waluigi

Actually, Waluigi has a lot of fans.

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80Smash Bros fanbaseV1 Comment
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