Reasons to Hate Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures


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1Terrible Theme Song (Japanese and English)V4 Comments
2Bad CGIV1 Comment
3It's not even anime

I can't believe anime sites like anime news network or myanimelist are dumb enough to see this as an anime. - LittleLemonDork

The animation is for babies it sucks to.

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4Annoying voices

Ugh! Pac-Man World 3 gave the characters much better voices. Now where's Pac-Man World 4?!

T-Pain would be the best voice for Blinky.

Jay Sean would be the best voice for Inky, Rosalina's potential arch-rival.

Katy Perry would be the best voice actress for Pinky.

Eminem would be the best voice actor for Clyde.

Chris Brown would be the best voice for Pac-Man.

For voices, Chris Brown would be the best voice for Pac-Man, Justin Timberlake would be the best voice for Blinky, Katy Perry would be the best voice for Pinky, Jay Sean would be the best voice for Inky and Ludacris would be the best voice for Clyde.

Erica Mendez probably did not do a good job on Pac-Man, but her transition to anime dubs was awesome. She is way better as Ryuko Matoi and Yuuki Konno in their respective dubs.

Pac Man sounds like a kid.

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5Annoying characters

The characters are so annoying and dumb.

6The Music
7How Pac-Man is a teen

He is suposed to PacMAN not PacTEEN and his voice sounds like a little boy and is so anoying.

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8How the ghosts are now his friends

Hello I though the ghosts are his enemies, how are they friends? I'm done with this show, this show really suck - Chaotixhero

Yeah, I agree Chaotixhero. Pacman should be eating them like in the game not be friends with them.

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9We expected Pac-World 3

Bring us Pac-World 3 not this ghostly adventure junk

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10No Pac-Man Movie YetV1 Comment

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11They Make Cylindria & Pinky Short

Stereotypically short, but not actually small. But in comparison to the male characters, they do!

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12They Were Supposed to Have the Pac-Man World 2/3 Character Designs for Every CharacterV1 Comment
13Cylindria Doesn't Have Big, Feminine LegsV2 Comments
14It Does Not Have Sonic X Animation

Sonic X have great animation then this stupid T.V. show. I mean did you seen the episode where sonic fight perfeat chaos? Thanks to the animation, that episode was epic. - Chaotixhero

15Betrayus is a very whiny villain

I don't consider him a villain because of this. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Betrayus is very whiny but he can't pioson him because in a episode pacman reaches in 700 years without him because the space worm and betrayus gets happy because it's boring because he likes to battle him. And if he try's to burn him to crisp isn't pacman absolutely doge those attacks and eat him and spit out his eyes

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16Arcade game is better

The arcade game of pac man is better.

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17Pac-Man World on the PlayStation is much better

In fact, it is the best video game ever! Perfect graphics, fine voice acting, fun levels, great creativity for a Pac-Man game, very cute character designs, classic music, all other reasons. This beats Sonic Adventure and Mega Man Legends besides Super Mario 64 and the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy.

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18Everyone is too gassy

Why does every one burp or fart? It's not funny. AT ALL - Thatgirl

They are just so disgusting an is just not funny.

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19Pinky is crappy

I couldn't help but laugh at this. - miiplaza

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20No Archie Comics Adaption Of This Series

There is no reason for Sonic & Mega Man to have their own Archie Comics series but not Pac-Man! Nintendo said no to Archie Comics for a reason.

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