Top 10 Reasons to Hate Princess Anna

I am an Anna hater and she is always bring me annoyance.

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1 She is annoying

Who would want any and any other siblings or even cousins, especially little siblings or even little cousins who unfortunately just had to be annoying? Nobody and nobody else does either.

Anna is annoying to Elsa. That is why Elsa froze her heart.

Anna is lucky. Because if she would have been annoying Sub-Zero. There would have been dire consequences...

What do you think would happen to Anna if she annoyed Sub-Zero?

She is Insecure not Annoying When Anna stumbles around Elsa, she isn't annoying. She s so nervous. It is probably the first time Anna has talked to her and she has replied. Do you know how much of a shock that must have been. Also other than that, Anna s always been living in her sister is shadow, especially seeing her now. Anna realized she was nothing like her sister. Her perfect sister. And maybe to be accepted, she would have to act as if she was.

See what I mean? She's like that little annoying cousin that's cute... in small doses. Find your chill, Anna.

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2 She has no good sense of humour

Um Anna actually made me laugh, Elsa on the other hand made me angered. - Ihateelsa



Don't you dare call me hypocrite. You Princess Anna haters are the ones who are downright mean to Princess Anna, aren't you? You just never understand Princess Anna, do you?

She's over enthusiastic. Anna’s level of enthusiasm is the kind that makes you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

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3 She tattle-tales too much

So, that happened... I can't stop watching Frozen recently. God, it's so good.  But I made this in about an hour. It's kinda half-arsed (again). I found this a bit difficult because of the stupid knife I used and because I haven't made one of these in ages. I went for the realistic-waistline-Elsa. Maybe one day I'll add some snow flakes.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that I seriously love Elsa. I could go into detail, but it's something along the lines of her being the best Disney character ever (I don't even like Disney except for Frozen, Aladdin and Mulan). I feel so bad for Elsa. She has this 'affliction' she can't control and society hates her for it and she just wants to keep her people and her sister safe but then (of course) Anna has to go and ruin it all and then everyone blames it on Elsa when she couldn't even control it and it wasn't her fault that things got out of hand. Poor Elsa. She just tries to be a responsible big sister and look what she ...more

Man, those creators of Frozen were so unfair to make Elsa suffer putting up with that brat. Elsa should've been portrayed and remain a one and only single child for Pete's sake. Nobody nor nobody else dares to ruin anything nor anything else for Elsa.

Childish/Immature. Grow up Anna. You are a 18 year old, not an 8 year old. I know you didn't have much attention from your sister, but that should not stop you from making new friends.

Ugh. I could never ever even easily forgive her at all, could I?

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4 Her hair becomes white

Her hair becomes white because Anna was hit by Elsa's ice powers.

Neither Anna nor Elsa are to blame for the accidents. Elsa had to learn to control her powers.

That wasn't her or elsa's fault, she had to learn to control her powers. - ruJILLous

Yeah, neither Anna nor Elsa are to blame for the accident. Elsa has to learn to control her powers.

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5 She has a fake boyfriend hans

Anna only needed anybody to talk to. That's all She and her big sister Elsa were locked up in their castle for years. After Hans asked Anna "Will you marry me? " Anna said "Yes! "

Typical Disney Princess.

(And uglier, at least the other Disney Princesses don't look so ugly. )

What do you expect?

Anna is not easily patient enough if you ask me.

Man, I can't stand her existence at all.

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6 She asks Elsa if she wants to build a snowman twice and she never shuts up

2. Childish/Immature. Grow up Anna. You are a 18 year old, not an 8 year old. I know you didn't have much attention from your sister, but that should not stop you from making new friends.

She needs to calm down. Seriously, we get that you've been cooped up in your castle for years, but can you relax?

Anna can have other friends besides Elsa. Am I right?

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7 She dislikes Justin Bieber

I don't think Anna knows who Justin Bieber is. - RockFashionista

How can she hate him when he exists in reality and she doesn't?! That makes no sense. I mean, they don't even know each other.

This made all the Beliebers really mad, so they all hate her.

A lot of people do, so... Wait, do you like Justin Bieber?

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8 She has ugly hair

Anna's hair is beautiful too just like Elsa's hair, not ugly. How is Anna's hair ugly? What makes you think Anna's hair is ugly? You didn't have to insult Anna's hair, did you? Anna's hair is not even ugly. Quit insulting Anna's hair like that. You're downright mean to Anna, aren't you?

Anna's hair is pretty and beautiful like Elsa's, not ugly. How is Anna's hair ugly and what makes you think Anna's hair is ugly? Do you have to insult Anna's hair like that? You're so downright mean to Anna, aren't you?

The true symbol of Norwegian hair is Plaits as I am a Norwegian myself (Plaits are so good that Russia and Poland decided to copy the Norway). What makes you think that Anna's hair is so bad or ugly?

You're just mad cause you probably have ugly hair - princessbabypeach

Gingers have no souls.

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9 She has horrible outfits

Anna's outfits are not even horrible. How are Anna's outfits are horrible? What makes you think Anna's outfits are horrible? How dare you insult Anna's outfits. So what if Anna's outfits are horrible? Don't you dare insult Princess Anna's outfits. Anna's outfits are just as pretty as Elsa's outfits. How would you like it if anybody insult your outfits?

They were pretty, but its ridiculously impractical to wear a dress in a snowstorm. I would've died from the cold if I wore what she did! - keycha1n

Hans asked if Anna will marry him and Anna said "Yes". So Anna and Hans asked Queen Elsa for her blessing their marriage but Queen Elsa said "You can't marry a man you just met." Anna then said "If it's true love, you can." After Anna and Elsa had a sisterly drama tension at the coronation party, Elsa lost control and her powers are already revealed which is why one of her gloves are pulled off

She only wore about 3 outfits but put on THOSE PANTS ANNA! Stop showing off - JaysTop10List

Too bad Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee didn't include pants for Anna nor Elsa themselves. Boo Hoo, you Anna and Elsa hating whiners and complainers. (laughing hysterically)

Anna's dress is the colour of SNOT. How is that NOT horrible?

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10 She's loud

I wish she lost her voice forever but I also wish I had a magical zipper to take her mouth off of/away from her too. That way. I never ever even have to hear nor listen to her loud, annoying voice anymore.

Yeah, I agree with you! She's a big fat loud motormouth who never ever even shuts her yap at all anyway. She's way too loud.

Ursula the sea witch (The Little Mermaid 1988) would've taken her voice away from her too.

Painfully loud.

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11 She's stubborn

It never ever even matters if that brat doesn't take kindly to being told she can't do things. That doesn't mean she has to act like a brat about it. Man, she never ever even should've been created nor existed back then before in the first place.

She needs to listen to the others and do just what she's told by respecting the authorities more without being stubborn, without losing her temper with them, without taking back to them and without disrespecting them.

Her stubbornness is never ever even all this nor all that easily likable nor entertaining at all, is it?

Anna was a helpless, idiotic princess and was a total insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen.

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12 Anna has a terrible personality

Anna isn't any better of a sister. Anna is:

1. Annoying. I would freeze her and keep her as an ice sculpture myself if I had Ice Powers.

2. Childish/Immature. Grow up Anna. You are a 18 year old, not an 8 year old. I know you didn't have much attention from your sister, but that should not stop you from making new friends.

3. Disgusting. No wonder why Elsa ran away.

4. Rude.

5. Stupid.

Proof I'm really excited to show it to people. I became a part of the kind of movie I wanted to see as a kid, she said. I always loved Disney animation, but there was something about the females that was unattainable to me. Their posture was too good and they were too well spoken, and I feel like I really made this girl much more relatable and weirder and scrappier and more excitable and awkward. I'm really proud of that.
Kristen Bell on her approach to the character of Anna

2. Childish/Immature. Grow up Anna. You are a 18 year old, not an 8 year old. I know you didn't have much attention from your sister, but that should not stop you from making new friends.

She's argumentative.

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13 She always talks

She needs a lot more bunch of self control.

So what? Talkative is who Princess Anna is. What are you complaining about for?

No we Princess Anna and Princess Elsa fans are just finding out why are you stupid Princess Anna and Princess Elsa haters are bitterly complaining? Would you Princess Anna and Princess Elsa haters care to tell us why are you Anna and Elsa haters are bitterly complaining about those two best, cutest, prettiest, sweetest orphaned princess sisters?

In some parts of movie, she keeps on talking nonstop. It’s hard to keep up with her personality.

She's talkative.

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14 She's stupid

Well, this girl is either stupid or fairytale crazy and obsessed.

Me: You're either stupid or fairytale obsessed

Anna: I am not, it's called True Love!

Me: No, it's not

Anna: Yes it is

Me: I can't believe you chose marrying a stranger over listening to someone wise like your sister

Anna: Hey! I thought she was a dirtophobe that didn't love me who chose to be an anti soc

Me: You truly are a blind idiot that's so reckless

Anna: What did you call me?

Me: You didn't even know she loved you and was unhappy with staying away from you, In fact you don't know much of anything probably

Anna: Okay, that's it!

Then we fight until Anna goes to search for Elsa

Man, that brat is obnoxious and insufferable!

She's an imbecile! She's a numpty! She's a bonehead! Dough-head! Lame brain! Fathead!

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16 She's disgusting

Anna haters: That disgusting slob lets her mouth open by letting her drool out while she's sleeping and before she woke up which it really gross me out, makes me sick, disgusts me and makes me want to vomit, puke and throw up.

Anna haters: All because her bad bed-head and drool coming out of her mouth whenever she sleeps which it really grosses me out and drives me crazy.

Dude, Anna is so gross. They didn't even have toothbrushes back then. Women like Anna are going to be forever alone if they drool all over their partners like that.

Man, she makes me sick and ill.

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17 She's immature

Childish/Immature. Grow up Anna. You are a 18 year old, not an 8 year old. I know you didn't have much attention from your sister, but that should not stop you from making new friends.

She fully needs a lot of growing up to do. She needs to act more like a fully adult.

She has a whole bunch of rage issues. She needs to control her temper.

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18 She is whiny

Whining never ever even help, answer and solve anything.

19 She is disrespectful, disobedient and defiant.

Stupid directors of Frozen wanting her to have flaws so they should've been careful whatever they wish for back then before in the first place.

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