Top 10 Reasons to Hate Princess Anna

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81She's hyperactive

Man, what a shame! It's such a shame she has no self control nor can nor could control herself. The creators of Frozen never ever even should've chosen to portray her hyperactive back then before in the first place and it's all their own fault.

82She gets more screen-time than Elsa
83She's belligerent

Because of her belligerence, that drama just had to happen.

84She's problematic
85She's a poor listener all because of her constant stubbornness
86She's a disgraceful spare
87She's uncooperative
88She's a slob

Ugh. Her sleeping in drool really disgusts me, it makes me sick, ill, throw up, puke, barf and vomit.

89She's lame
90She constantly yaps

Ugh. Man, she's a bigmouth.

91She's insufferable

This raises the question of why they didn't revise their decision later - but as we see in the film itself, Anna doesn't take kindly to being told she can't do things, even when she's given a good reason - and if Anna had been told not to talk about her sister, she wouldn't have been given any reason for it at all.
Tell me about it. She's a brat and a puke-face.

Man, she's a such a royal pain in the neck and butt. It's all the writers' fault for putting having to put her under the spotlight more.

92She's obnoxious

It's the Frozen creators' fault for easily portraying Anna negatively out of character just to easily affect the fans and make them complain about the drama tension confrontation, isn't it?

93She's a bigmouth
94She's a motormouth

She needs to shut up already.

95She's horny

She should've been raised by wild animals back then before.

Yeah tell me about it. She's impatient.

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96She's a lunatic

Man, has she no self control at all?

97She's an insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen

Gerda is not insufferable like that bratty Princess Anna.

Gerda is better than that insane Princess Anna.

98She's easily forgotten
99She has filthy hair
100She's a twit
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