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21Peach Hates her Job as a Heroine!

Peach is terrible & wouldn't help anyone out.
She is a spoiled brat who mocks her bossy parents.

Peach is even Mario's stalker.

Hey, idiot! Princess Peach does have breasts. She even has curves, too! But yes, she has to improve on skateboarding & win everything!

She is not as good at rescuing people.
Her skills sucked in SMB2, as well as her attitude.

How do you know that?! Horrible reason

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22Peach has a fit over the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

She also is always crying because she wants to escape British Columbia & childishly wants to go back to the Mushroom Kingdom rather than do her job as a tomboy or heroine! Why the hell! She ain't really the wimpiest princess, & I'm a boy! Peach is ungrateful that her jobs are to win! She is abusive & aggressive & wants to batter up & Mario, Luigi & anyone/everyone else can leave her captured after she yelled "NOT GUILTY! " after everyone else in Super Mario Sunshine! & she hates her job to fight back & she is overly argumentative & generally too bossy & temperamental! Daisy just loves her jobs as a tomboy & fighter, whereas Mario is her idol! She should be voiced by Emma Watson! Wikipedia sure misunderstands Peach's true personality, & Rosalina at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics is just a spoof of the actual Mario & Sonic games!

She has a Canadian-like culture.

Yeah, Canadians are nice, but Peach is a bossy girl.

Princess Peach should get grounded longer & longer if she gets kidnapped often.

Horrible and stupid reason

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23Peach & Daisy Never Have Male Rivals

Actually, they have some. None of their male rivals have big competitions with the 2 chicks.

Princess Peach's rivalry with Tails is the same answer to Princess Daisy's rivalry with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Peach seems to have very bad relationships with Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat & especially her partner Princess Daisy.

How come Peach & Daisy don't compete with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow & Silver.

How come Princess Daisy & Kirby (from the Nintendo's Kirby franchise) didn't get to know each other? They're both very cute.

Daisy has Waluigi & sometimes Wario as her rivals. You'd know that if you played Mario games.

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24Princess Peach Growls A Lot!

That sounds pompous. Peach was posey on her "Sweet 16th" birthday.

She is a very spoiled girl who calls her father "Daddykins" in general.

Uh huh... definitely true... (Sarcasm)

No way! Stop making up things about her!

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25Daisy is Clumsy

Why are Peach & Daisy clumsier than Mario & Luigi?

P.S. I still hate Prince Theodore who is Princess Daisy's little brother with supreme obesity.

Yeah, peach is pretty clumsy too.

Daisy is not too clumsy. But she does rival Mario & Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog has better capability than Princess Daisy.

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26Sam Kelly Wouldn`t Voice Princess Daisy like Jen Taylor & Kate Fleming Do!

Yep, Peach didn't even bother to have a lower voice than Daisy, EVER"!

I know. Daisy would be currently voiced by Deanna Mustard otherwise Daisy wouldn't be that tomboyish.

Peach should've been the tomboy, & Daisy not as much. That won't replace Rosalina's tomboyish nature.

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27Peach & Daisy's Habit of Wearing Dresses for (Almost) Nothing

They didn't have to continue being in 1-piece princess attires, & I asked for 2-piece schoolgirl uniforms as their princess attires!

Rosalina wears a dress...If your BFF decided to wear something different and you saw it, you wouldn't say: " that dress is horrible! You're no longer my friend

I wouldn't say Peach's parents are bossy.

I'd say only Peach is bossy.

That's what they like to do

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28Pink Gold Peach's Voice

Why didn't Nintendo get away with a Paper Daisy, Mini Daisy toys & an Orange (or Yellow) Gold Daisy?

Ahem uh I have a mini daisy. Toy the daisy toys are very rare

At least Pink Gold Peach isn't too major.

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29Princess Daisy's Bikini Pictures

They are so annoying without male crossover characters such as Tails the Fox from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. They are less annoying with a big pear figure.

In the London 2012 Olympics, Daisy didn't have to talk with female Sonic characters only minus Dr. Eggman & Cheese the Chao.

Yea all fictional females have those

Which ones. Oh yeah, there aren't any!

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30They Didn't Perform "Next to You" With Pac-man

NOBODY CARES! Besides, Peach & Daisy would sound annoying singing this song. Pac-Man wouldn't, especially if he were voiced by Chris Brown.

No, and they also never met Pac-Man genius

That would be awesome if they did with Rosalina.
& Princess Daisy will have Tails the Fox's Sonic Boom design whilst Rosalina will have Amy Rose's Sonic Boom.
But Princess Peach shouldn't really appear performing with the two.
Peach is too major.
Characters like Juliet Starling & MeeMee from Super Monkey Ball franchise should be a frequent female character.
We are so unlucky that Daisy didn't appear in the SNES version of SMB3.

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31Daisy Isn't a Very Major Mario Character

She should appear in every Mario game alongside Rosalina, & Peach should give up appearing if video games have to be about a blond damsel in distress getting kidnapped often!

Why? Because of the fact that Nintendo barely wants Luigi?

She deserves to be the top 1 most major female video game character in video game history.

She is the second most important female in this game -_-

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32Peach Disrespected Oogtar Now That She Is Blonde

Apes in real life don't have hourglass figures. Calgary Zoo was kind of wrong about it. Diddy Kong does.

She is a stalker to even Sonic the Hedgehog

Penis the Hedgehog

How could a 14 year old ape who is male have an hourglass figure?
He probably was cut partly in the middle.

How'd you know that Diddy Kong is 14 years old? Was that because of Donkey Kong Wiki?

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33Peach (Instead of Daisy) Appeared In Every Super Mario 3D Installment

Well, she DID appear in Nintendo Adventure Comics.

Who's she? Princess Daisy? I believe you.

That's because she's better than that poser

34Daisy Isn't Featured in Archie Comics

If only there were Pac-Man in Archie Comics.

I know. Nintendo said no to Archie Comics.

I think Archie Comics said no to Namco.

35Daisy's Fury

Peach's fury sucks too. After Super Princess Peach, Peach's furious temper got worse starting on Mario Party 7.

Agreed. Princess Peach is too furious to be appearing in the most games out of all other female video game characters in video game history.

One more legit reason. Most of these reasons to hate these girls are stupid and I even dislike Daisy

I hate Daisy's fury in Mario Strikers Charged. It looks like she's about to kill someone!

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36Princess Peach is Unbelievably Overrated

Lies she's overhated stop being paranoid. She gives you 1ups, info and items WHILE KIDNAPPED but say shes useless. Say's shes a coward but went to save Tippi no matter what, stood up to Mimi by herself and fought her by herself, went out to help Mario in 3D world, also in RPG, and went to save Mario in SPP and was going to do it till Toadsworth forced Peach to take Perry with her. And just hate her for liking a color they despise for no reason, she has blond hair so what so does Zelda and Rosalina, and her voice which doesn't mean anything cause it could change anytime and has nothing to do with her character. Her glide and healing powers I bet helped you a lot in RPG and 3D world. And besides barley anyone says anything positive about her anywhere here, YouTube, the, etc they all hate her and their reasons are lies or stupid like this list is.

Princess Peach needs to go away!

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37Princess Peach Always Needs Help

She's saved Mario, Mimi, and has helped Mario about 4 times now. Mario needed help too needing help isn't bad even poser Daisy needed help

Come on, Princess Peach! You are independent and CAN take care of yourself! Now WIN!

She has powers and she barely ever uses them

She does she like texting Bowser to kidnap her

38Daisy Is Not Over 6 Feet Tall

Who cares! My BFF Caitlin is short but she loves Daisy! Caitlin looks like her too! My name is Daisy and that person that said hi my names Daisy, shut up, well you can't say nasty stuff like that. What if a child comes up here and gets really upset! If you don't care, you're a bully! I don't often stick up for myself but this time, I am!

I think Amy Rose whined that she didn't deserve her own terrible water park.

She would be after taking a Mega Mushroom, whereas her bust size would be very big.

Put me out of my misery instead of going through this list.

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39Peach Has a Very Aggressive Attitude

Every time Princess Peach appears, she gets bossy & short-tempered, referring to going "IT'S NOT ENOUGH! " & then bawling furiously. :(

She would be a very short-tempered Sonic Battle character.

Penis the Hedgehog

Mario Battle beats Sonic Battle.

She's not aggressive if she is why does she not care if she doesn't win?

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40Mario & Daisy Look Like Older Brother & Younger Sister

Mario & Daisy have big heads, yet tiny brains!

I think Mario is more capable of everything than Daisy.

Artist characters have that problem go look at Bleach characters and then come back to me ktnks

Daisy is Mario sister in law - Danteem

No Daisy is marry to Luigi! So that means Daisy is Mario's sister in law! - Danteem

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