Top Ten Reasons to Hate Shawn Mendes


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1 He is very rude

No he's not he is so nice to his fans!

Noah fence but you are very rude

He thinks he is some musical god! He's only worth 3 million!

He's a kid, what do you expect? he's going to be a brat with fame, but wouldn't you?

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2 His songs are pathetic

No duh he's the worst singer next to Bieber. Horrible! He didn't get it because of talent. He only got in because he has huge abs and a nice tan. His videos are disturbing and disgusting and his lyrics are nasty as hell. He can't sing, even with autotune. Every song sounds like he hates someone or he's ready to have sex. Gives men a bad name. His facial expressions are freaky and creepy and pointless as hell. His voice creeps the living daylight out of me. He has no respect for his body and thinks he's all that because of his huge abs and nice tan. He's TERRIFYING. He's destroying men's reputation with his horrible music. Boys, listen to some real talented men like Owl City and Nick Jonas

He's amazing you people are just plain stupid that can't even see that but you don't have to diss him just cause he's better than you

This is ridiculous! U guys r complaining that shawn is too whiney. Like no. He's not offending women in any kind of way. He's just trying to demonstrate men can also be sensitive. Most celebrities do songs about their break ups and stuff, making the opposite gender look stupid. But shawn Mendes isn't.

He didn't make the songs, the government did, he's to dumb for that.

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3 He is only famous for his looks

Stop envying shawn. Yes he is beautiful and is very good looking. But he is a good hearted person and has an amazing voice. His passion for music is inspiring.

Yes I bought his album to listen to his face

You only have relevancy for hating on someone much more successful than you

Good looking and almost all girls love him typical! justin bieber all over again

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4 His utter annoyance

I don't agree in the way that some of the things about him are being said. But as a music major and a person who is deeply into music from today's culture and older musical cultures as well? I might say he is slightly overrated.

These comments are racist. Offending shawns background is too much. Racist people. Would you haters like it if someone hates on you because of your background. I don't think so. So you guys can shut up

Has anyone ever told you that you are an utter annoyance?

You all should consider suicide

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5 He is selfish

How is he selfish? Huh give me one example. I bet u can't. He has a tattoo dedicated to his family just saying.

Ya that's why he spend his time off at hospitals meeting fans

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6 His lyrics are stupid

For haters everything shawn does is stupid.

They kind of are some of his earlier lyrics were alright...but recently they are all very shallow and fake lyrics

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7 He has no musical talent

Who ever wrote this should kill themselves

Everyone hating on shawl can just shut up. All u people do is bring more hate on the world. If you don't like shawn then keep it to yourselves. Because no one asked for your opinion

I bet you listen to country for fun

@NightmareIsHere_ I completely agree with you...some people have completely lost touch with what real music sounds like

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8 His fame makes Rae Sremmurd unknown across Canada

No, more popular artists, like Beyonce, also brainwashed everyone so they don't listen to Rae

Yeh Justin bieber isn't a thing isn't he?

Rae Sremmurd work their asses off to make good music and nobody in Canada knows him? Sheesh. It's Shawn Mendes that brainwashed everyone in Canada into not giving Rae Sremmurd a listen. - SelfDestruct

Might I remind you that they once rhymed spaceship with Saudi Arabia and in another slur-screamed "unlock the swag"?

Also, Rae are boring. You can thank Mike WiLL Made-It for that.

Shawn works far harder. - WonkeyDude98

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9 He brainwashed teenage girls

Your hate brainwashed your lives

@whoever wrote this has been brainwashed

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10 He is whiny

You are whiny by writing reasons to hate a guy that has NEVER EVEN SPOKEN TO YOU

How is he whiny? Give me an example, I bet u can't. because there isn't

All his songs are...and his voice in songs is always depressing and whiny

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11 People hate any guy that teenage girls like

This is just because of stereotypes, not him. - WonkeyDude98

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12 He looks like an armpit V 2 Comments
13 His songs are overplayed

He has like 3 songs played on the radio and the only overplayed one is stitches and there are much better ones so please don't base someone on their radio songs.. do your research

Only valid offense I have for the dude. - WonkeyDude98

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14 He sounds like Taylor Swift and copies her music

Some of his lyrics are based on lyrics of Taylor Swift songs (Stitches, one of the lines: your words cut deeper than a knife. That is based on this line from Bad Blood: Still got scars from the back of her knife)

At her concert in Edmonton Taylor Swift got attacked on stage. Last year he got attacked on stage as well.

This was why he got chosen as an opening act for Taylor Swift. I think Taylor Swift wanted to choose 2 stars who were like her.

He also looks like Taylor except for dark hair

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15 His voice

He is going through puberty and it's coming to an end. When he was 14 he reached F5 in his cover. He now can only hit D5 safely - right now if Shawn Mendes hits a note higher than D5 he'll get damage. In fact he has already experienced a bit of vocal damage In "I Know What You Did Last Summer." He should give his voice a break or he can ruin it after his tour

I think when he prepared for his studio album he heard Taylor Swift sing and he got impressed so he altered his voice about an octave higher and copied her music and videos.

I wish I could erase "Treat you Better" from my head! Shawn ruined my life when he debuted his song!

He sounds like he hates someone or is ready to have sex

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16 Most of his fame is from Vine

He was discovered on vine then grew to make more music and turn it into a serious career. Everyone has to start somewhere and at least he worked hard for his fame.

Wow I may not like him but that's racist.

He also got fame from YouTube, where he first started posting covers.

Justin Bieber got most of his fame on YouTube, you probably accept that. I don't see a difference between the two.

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17 His videos

Have you seen the end? its to raise awareness for abusive relationships? I bet you say that donation commercials scare you too

Look Shawn your video for Treat You Better really freaked the daylight out of me. As well as a million other little kids. Do you even CARE that little kids are watching abusive scenes like that?

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18 He is immature

Wow great then you guys finally have a similarity

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19 All of his songs sound the same

STOP! We already have Taylor Swift in our world. your Canada's Taylor Swift.

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20 His songs are annoying

Treat You Better is an annoying anthem for all little sniveling boys.

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