Ten Reasons Iron Man 2 Is Good

Every movie series has that pesky installment that seems to get a lot of negative attention. Even when a series consists of shining stars like the Marvel Cinematic Universe you get "that" film. Unfortunately it has to happen, and 'Iron Man 2' is that unlucky movie, even when 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'Thor: The Dark World' received lower overall ratings (yes, Hulk came first - I know). Anyways, I admit that the movie is one of the weaker entries, however, I do not believe it to be deserving of such harsh criticism. Here is the list compiling the ten strongest elements of the third installment of the MCU.

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1Robert Downey Jr.'s Always Entertaining Performance

Iron Man 2 is the best Iron Man movie in my opinion. The first one was great too. Iron Man 3 was okay. - Metts

I actually prefered this movie over the admittedly fantastic original. I honestly thought the tthe third one was better though.

Robert Downey Jr is hilarious. - HeavyDonkeyKong

2Don Cheadle Being Cast as Col. Rhodes
3Good Action Sequences
4Plenty of Humour
5It Has Good Serious Moments
6Helps to Shift the Series into Franchise Mode
7Keeps the Energy of the First Film Alive
8War Machine, Baby
9You Love to Hate Sam Rockwell
10It Introduces Black Widow

And the sexy Scarlett Johansson is playing as her. - Metts

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11Stellar Special Effects
12Greatest Movie Entrance Ever
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1. Robert Downey Jr.'s Always Entertaining Performance
2. Don Cheadle Being Cast as Col. Rhodes
3. Good Action Sequences



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