10 Reasons to Love Bruno Mars

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1His amazing voice

His voice is smooth and pure and sexy

He's the most talented singer today, his voice, dancing, song writing and playing instruments, no one can beat him, he can be the next Prince or MJ.

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2When he sings live, he sounds just like he does on the recording

Go search videos of his live performances, just trust me

He sounds amaze balls live or on recording

His live performances are 1000% better than records like Elthon John said

3He's so hot

His skin is flawless and tan, perfect smile, and his eyes will make you melt

4He's an amazing dancerV1 Comment
5His fanbase is the best

We don't go around bullying other fanbases and the Hooligans love eachother

6His personalityV1 Comment
7His band AKA "The Hooligans"V1 Comment
8His live performances

So much energy and emotion! He knows how to keep a crowd entertained

9His friendship with Philip Lawrence

All the funny moments they have together

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10He loves his fans and will sign basically anything

He is the best at interacting with his fans

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11His lyrics

Bruno Mars is a genius when it comes to turning words into art pieces. from grenade to the lazy song to liquor store blues to when I was your man ad many others. this man must be given a noble prize or something. he even writes songs to other artists including songs like rocketeer and FU. they can be heart-touching, romantic, funny, wise, sad, and loads of other emotions embedded in his words. I just love him. 'sigh'

He is like the only pop artist today I like

He basically kills it with every song writes

His lyrics are stupid and extremely cheesy. I disagree.

12His perfect teeth

I am an ambitious Dentist, and boy! Aren't his teeth just the perfect, white dream! Laugh out loud

13His unreleased songs

Go listen to Who Is, Long Distance, All About You, etc.

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