Top Ten Reasons to Love Luigi Fans

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1They are Nice to Luigi

Very nice to Luigi! Luigi and Yoshi are both the most popular Mario characters! - Danteem

We should like Luigi fans because they like Luigi?
Well, time to toss my book of logic out the window... - ThatOneRacer

2They Like Super Smash Brothers

I always win with Luigi! - Danteem

3They Like to Beat Everyone With Luigi

I love to kick everyone ass in 8 player smash with Luigi! I always win! - Danteem

4They Believe That Luigi is the Strongest Thing Alive V1 Comment
5Some of Them Hate MarioV1 Comment
6Some of Them Love Princess Daisy

I love her because she loves Luigi! - Danteem

I like Luigi, but I despise Daisy - SmashBall

7Some of Them Hate Mortal Kombat

Yeah me too! It's too bloody! - Danteem

8They Believe That Death Battles are Fake

Tails vs Luigi and Tails won! Nah is Fake! Luigi fans give that video thumbs down because is fake! Luigi is better and more popular than Tails! - Danteem

9Some of Them Hate Samus Aran

Samus Aran Sucks! I'm happy that she dead! - Danteem

Samus Aran actually got reincarnated. She's back!

10They Like Luigi's Mansion

I think Dark Moon is better. I rarely play those games but I do like it. - Danteem

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1. They are Nice to Luigi
2. They Like to Beat Everyone With Luigi
3. They Like Super Smash Brothers



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