Reasons to Love Rouge the Bat


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1She is an awesome hunter

Rouge is super great at hunting for treasure.

2She is brave

Rouge can handle any situations that comes her way and she can defend herself no problem at all.

3She is pretty

She's very attractive and she can use her looks to distract her enemies. Knuckles would be surprised.

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4She has great character developmentV1 Comment
5She can fight

Rouge knows how to fight and defend herself just fine and she can use her super moves to take down enemies no problem at all.

6She is a great role model

Now, image if Rouge took Cream as her apprentice and Cream's mother, vanilla decides to tag along with them so all 3 of them can work together. Amy and Blaze would both be surprised to see how well 3 of them would hang out even they want in all the action they could get and see how all of this play out and see all the results. they would also record everything about it. all 3 of them kick some butt and have all sorts of fun. There would be all sorts of super fun surprises along the way.

7She is better than Knuckles

She can make Knuckles flirt and play with him

8She is underrated

She deserve more love and respect

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9She is strong

She can pick up and carry a genetically engineered hedgehog and a robot. Yep, definitely strong.

Yeah, she's definitely the strongest female in the Sonic universe. - eventer51314

10She is a good friend to Shadow

Especially in the comics. I love this about her. She's really the only friend he's got now. - eventer51314

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11She is a good friend to Omega

They work together very well while teaming up with Shadow and they really support each other

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1. She is a great role model
2. She is an awesome hunter
3. She is brave



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