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21She expresses her beauty naturally

She shows her beauty in a dignified way. She wears proper clothes. She never shows herself of inappropriately.

22She humiliates every boy that broke her heart by writing hateful songs

Oh really? Its like she's not the only one peraon who wrote song from her experience. She never even dissed anyone. Really people you need to get a life. That's what makes her special. Writing from her experience that every youth and teen can relate. Not your idols that wrote songs about sex. Don't start with me.

No she doesn't. Not all her songs about boys.

She should write a song called "Maybe I'm The Problem".

Oh Yeah! She the one who writes about how her ex's are jerks!

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23Her voice is deep
24She loves her cats

I love cats! She does too so I just had to vote for this

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25She's smartV1 Comment
26She experiments with her music

Experimenting is always good when you have a music career. I love when she tries new things. It's great that not all her music sounds the same. A lot of people were upset by her going pop but I think that her music has stayed beautiful and she should continue making all the different types of music she wants to make.

She experiments with different genres. Such as Haunted and 22. Can't wait for the next album!

27She still considers Selena as her BFF.

I don't like Selena as her bff. But what to do? Taylor likes her. Be concern Taylor. Love you.

Taylor loves her friends... Even Selena snob her, Taylor could careless. She sometimes would retweet or favorite Selena's tweets on twitter... And she follows her too!

I think Taylor deserves better

28She is a great human being

This was an unnessacary one. She is a great human being because of all the amazing things above this and below

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29She is so true

She writes almost all of her songs about true expirences. She doesn't have someone to write them for her.

30She is down to earth

Even after so much high going she is still down to earth & does not show off

31She plays guitarV4 Comments
32She writes her own songsV1 Comment
33She donates a lot of money to charity!

She is very generous and donates a lot of money to charity and hospitals!

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34She is loyalV1 Comment
35She's accomplished a lot

Taylor has achieved so much in her career. Let's start off with the fact that she followed her dreams! When she was a kid, she dreamed of getting a record company and writing an album. Look at her now! She's won so many awards, people love her music and she's been through so much! Through her songs you can tell she's had some hard, emotional times, but she's still done so many amazing things! She won Woman of the Year Award(I think that's what it was called) and she was the youngest woman to recieve it at that time!

36She's so professional
37Her face is not full of plastic surgeryV1 Comment
38She's brave

She brave to write songs about her ex, even thought people critic negatively about it. - BeaM456

39She has a cat named Blaze

Blaze is my favorite video game charcater and taylor swift is officially the best singer - TwilightKitsune

40She has personality
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1. Her personality
2. Her songs are awesome
3. No alcohol No drugs
1. She is sexy
2. She humiliates every boy that broke her heart by writing hateful songs
3. She expresses her beauty naturally
1. Her songs are awesome
2. She is a great songwriter
3. She is compassionate and generous

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