Top Ten Reasons Nicki Minaj Is a Better Artist Than the Beatles


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1Nicki has a Twitter account and John Lennon doesn't

Even though I know this is a joke, I still want to hurt someone - ryanrimmel

Really? It says better "artist" (which she isn't) but how does Twitter have anything to do with that, especially when John Lennon died before it existed? - Songsta41

WHO MADE THIS LIST OF LIES? Also, why would it matter if she has a Twitter account? The Beatles are better, and everyone knows it! - EpicJake

This list was meant to be a joke - AnonymousChick

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2She has a big butt

Does that matter? You aren't a better artist if you have a big butt. - LucyHeartfilia

Why does this strangely remind me of the Justin Bieber and Beatles comparison list? We don't need another list like that. - Minecraftcrazy530

Yay, another list for babies to get pissed about. - Puga

And? That doesn't make you automatically worthful. Bigger is not always better

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3She has big boobs

Because Nicki's a WOMAN! Duh! Don't you know that men don't have ( or even need) Boobies?

Yeah, she has bigger boobs than John Lennon. Now why did you make this lit again? - Songsta41

Do we really need lists like this?

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4She gets plastic surgery

This isn't a good reason. Seriously.

That's a bad thing.

5Her songs about drugs are more obviousV1 Comment
6Her songs about sex are more graphic

This list is stupid. And go ahead and thumb down my comment. See if I care! All I'm doing is sharing my opinion in a non dickhead way. Not saying all of you are like that, it's just what is so great about being more sexual and graphic? I know it has a purpose sometimes but Minaj just uses it in such a wrong way.

7"Starships" is way better than "Hey Jude"V1 Comment
8"Anaconda" is better than "A Day in the Life"

Oh neat. Who doesn't want to listen to mainstream porn instead?

9"Roman Reloaded" beats "Abbey Road" by a long shotV3 Comments
10Nicki Minaj doesn't play instruments
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