Top Ten Reasons Not to Be a Marioist

This list is all in jest, of course. But none should be a follower of Mario.

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1Mario overshadows Luigi

Marioist? Reminds me of that YouTube video racist Mario... - DapperPickle

And Luigi is the one true Mario bro. - Garythesnail

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2Mario is violentV1 Comment
3Mario is RedV1 Comment
4Mario killed the Toads

Whereas Luigi saved the toads and put them in an orphanage. - Garythesnail

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5Mario has no mansion

Does Mario have a mansion? I think not. - Garythesnail

6Mario is not a coward

He is too prideful. Only Luigi is modest enough to save the haunted mansion. - Garythesnail

7Mario starred in Hotel Mario

Whereas Luigi was a sidekick, therefore not as guilty of the awful game - Garythesnail

8Mario does mushrooms

And hangs out with drug dealers. That's right, Toad is the man of hallucination. - SuperHyperdude

I've always hated him because he doesn't buy my epic drugs. - Delgia2k

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9Mario's franchise is not superior

Only Luigi can be the best Nintendo character...
And Kirby. Kirby's great. - Garythesnail

10Mario is a mustachioed plumber
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