Reasons People Commit Suicide


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They're bullied too much, and they can't take it.
Very true. They feel like there is no way out!

2They get too depressed
I wish I could help every person that feels like no one cares cause I care an it makes me sad and morn that they kill themselves because of It I didn't even know them I was suicidal I tried suicide it didn't work but I listen to this band and realised they where like me and though no one cared an it breaks their harts to see millions of people die of depression that they once suffered
They feel as if no one can help them
I think this is a good reason. I'm like this almost every minute of the day!

3They feel lonely.
I'm 36 had heaps of broken relationships done six years jail gone through heaps of violence have just lost my car business have no money with post traumatic stress disorder and am alone find it hard to make friends... Good reason
There's always a Chance things can improve if you live; if you end it there's No Chance


Sorry, but I don't think I've ever heard of a good reason. Life is amazing. Just look it from different eyes :) Look for help! Life is beautiful!


I too feel so lonely even though I have more friends. But I think there just acting like that
[Newest]I don't have anybody.

I heard a saying "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen". What if the kitchen is life and the heat is its toil? Suicide would be the only way to "get out of the kitchen"

5Loss of hope
This has to be #1. I know this is why I feel suicidal
This is the reason why almost all of them commit suicide. Whatever is making them depressed, they look down the path as far as they can see and see no future, no hope.


While you live there is Always a Chance things can get better, no matter how bleak and hopeless they seem; if you end it there is No Chance. Please hang in there; give it all the time it takes...


6Sexual Abuse
When someone has suffered sexual abuse almost all of the other reasons naturally follow.

When my body suffers
When to breath is pain
Is it really madness
To think of breaking this chain


7Abusive parents
Most people that do have abusive parents do get really depressed as parents abusive you, its like your parents don't love you and it brings you down, sorry its really hard to explain, I'm 14 and have had many people in my life commit suicide for many reasons :(

8They're afraid that their biggest secret will be known.
I don't agree with this. Are you turning such a distressing incident into a joke?
I have secrets that if they come out, I will be arrested and put to death.
Especially if someone threaten them.


9They failed their exams.
Who came up with this list, a 6 year old?

10They think good people don't exist anymore

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11Mental Disorders
This is. A reason people do commit suicide by mental disorders. Such as bipolar and other thing like that is very serious when it comes to thinking about suicide and nothing else, accept committing suicide so yeah that can happen especially with mental disorders. No offense not trying to be offensive or disrespectful.
Does autism count? I'm pretty sure it does. Makes me worried if I'll be suicidal one day. Should I worry?


12They've been humiliated because they're gay or fat.
Teen LGBT people tend to commit suicide more than straight people because it's crazy how closed-minded is our society. They are getting bullied and people make them feel like crap, like they want to change who they are. And with fat people, it's the same thing. That's why there are so many young girls with eating disorders, because the society brainwashes them to be something they are not and they end up killing themselves.

This makes no sense to be on the list espically in the spot it is in because all of these things cause depression therefore making it the only reason for suicide

14They're stressed out

15Despair in life
Failing to appreciate the value of the little things we can do to bring joy to life, it is easy to give up on the whole mess.

16Drug Abuse
This isn't a reason it's a method

17Domestic Abuse

18Emotional Neglect

19Bullying And Complexes

20Broke up with is 1st girlfriend

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