Top 10 Reasons to Respect All Kinds of Music Genres

Persons making list abouth bad singers and bad music genres stop it please.

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1All types of music are good

Seriously, if not was not played on the Radio - MaxBravo

We need to co-exist in order to survive. Just like religion should co-exist in order to survive.

2People may be offended

Don't Hurt If You don't Want To Be Hurt - MaxBravo

3You offend the country that produces the music genre

Please United State, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Etc. are great all countries are great, you have to respect that - MaxBravo

4You win nothing by offending the genre

What you win tell me? - MaxBravo

5You offend the music without reasons

PositronWildhawk, I'm talking about offending the genre without reason, if you have a good opinion I would like to read it with respect - MaxBravo

MaxBravo, I like this list, and agree with everything. Everything but this one. Sometimes, if you have a strong opinion, you have a very good reason to speak about it, whether or not people will agree. Everyone has a genre that they love, and everyone has one that they don't; without this diversity of opinions, what is the purpose? - PositronWildhawk

What if someone has excellent reasons? - Pony

6Hating the music genre you will give it more popularity
7Speaking badly about the music genre will not stop it
8It is ignorant to mock a music genre

Not in the case when people mock rap (like Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hoe). That's justified. - Kiteretsunu

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9You lose your time making a hate list of music

You are making a fool about yourself - MaxBravo

10All genres need to coexist in order to be good

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11Don't judge a song by its genre

I'm not a fan of rap music but "Lose Yourself" by Eminem is the BEST and I'm not even a fan of Eminem - MattDeBat

I don't like country music, I prefer rock, electro and pop, but "Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood is an amazing song.
Don't hate a song because it's not you're least favourite gender

12No genre is perfect
13It's the person's choice as to what they like
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1. All types of music are good
2. People may be offended
3. You offend the country that produces the music genre



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