Top Ten Reasons Shrek is Better Than Anime

Since admin wouldn't let make the list called "Top ten reasons Shrek is the best anime ever"(which it is), I will instead make a list explains why Shrek is a better anime than almost every other anime(besides Corey in the house, bee movie, and toy story of course).

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1Shrek has better animation

Technically, all animations are anime, since anime just means animation in Japanese. But it just usually only refers to animations by Japan. - Oliveleaf

Random, I would like to take a minute for acknowledging that Cory In The House is a better anime than Shrek. - ProPanda

Shrek has such realistic animation, which anime has this really terrible animation. - Therandom

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2Shrek is funny, anime isn't

Those are Dreamworks and Pixar animations and also called anime but they're not Japanese anime that has drawing which is called anime but when it comes to 3D, they called it 3D animation or 3D anime. - Metts

Shrek is an anime though! Second best after Cory in the House. - IronSabbathPriest

I'm talking about the amines that aren't shrek, Corey, toy story, and bed movie. Duh. - Therandom

Guys, when I say shrek is better than anime, I mean that because shrek is such a good anime(unlike most anime), it's hard to call it an anime. Because it's an anime that's really good. - Therandom

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3Shrek has a decent story, anime always has the same story about a journeyV1 Comment
4Shrek has influenced the world in a good way, anime has notV2 Comments
5Unlike anime, Shrek doesn't make people weaboos

Which is why it's such a great anime. - Therandom

Then why do you say "unlike anime" if you consider Shrek an anime? - Oliveleaf

6Shrek has cool characters like Donkey, Gingerbread Man, etc.

There is tons of anime and your saying that anime has no good character just because the anime you watched has sucky character doesn't mean all them suck; my first cartoon was mad it was awful but I didn't judge cartoons I saw more until I found a good one. - speed

7Shrek has good voice acting, anime has terrible voice acting

Anime has people speaking Japanese mostly or if they were speaking English in some of them than they must be really bad at it. - Metts

Anime has some of the most unbelievable voice acting ever. - Therandom

Only because there not really American cartoons so most have jappenese accent you may not like - speed

8Shrek is love, Shrek is life, anime isn't

Actually anime and cartoons are love and life if you spend your whole life watching it - speed

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9Shrek has more originality than anime
10Shrek has swag, anime doesn't
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