Top Ten Reasons That Sonic the Hedgehog Is Not As Great As He Seems


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1He Is Actually Not That Fast

They don't want to make the gameplay too challenging for kids, but I think they should just work on the gameplay mechanics and graphics a little bit. Not very hard to do something simple like a faint blur around the edges of the screen when running, or faster acceleration from a stop, or something to make te gameplay at least SEEM faster.

I've heard of a theory on YouTube that he is NOT that fast as his name would spell it. The game makers only made it look like its fast since little kids don't recognize it. So, that means, Mario may have a chance to outrun sonic? Sounds legit and weird at the same time...

Maybe he's going slower on purpose.
He cares about nature and innocents, so if he went at his top speed all the time, he could cause damage

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2If He Had No Friends He Would Be Dead

Tails and Shadow. I think that they'd saved his butt tons of times! Hpowver, a lot of Video game characters would probably bne dead without friends! Mario would probably be dead without Yoshi! Who has helped him out plenty of times! - HeavyDonkeyKong

3His Speed and Agility Are His Only Weapons RegularlyV1 Comment
4Knuckles Almost Killed Him

Well, Knuckles seems pretty tough so... - HeavyDonkeyKong

Not "killed." More like "knocked out of super form and robbed."

5He Almost Died In a Volcano But Metall Sonic Saved Him
6He Never Gets a Sword or a Weapon and When He Does He Is Like "Cool" and Doesn't Care
7Can He Build TH Tornado from Scratch Like Tails Did!? Nooo!

That means he's bad because he can't build machines? What an amazing reason...

8He Kisses a Girl, Turns Around and Kisses Another One, Gets Married to Another Girl.V2 Comments
9He Is Weak and He Has a Way to Big Sense of HumorV1 Comment
10His VoiceV1 Comment

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11His Modern Sonic Design

Why did Sega made his eyes green anyway?

12He's 15 Years Old In Age

Sonic should be in his 30s now! And thus he is!

13He's immature
14His Quills
15He Is SkinnyV1 Comment
16He Is On Archie Comics Instead of Mario & Pac-Man
17He Bickers With Mega Man Every Time the Two Are Together
18His Best Friend Is Tails

How is this bad? Tails is my favorite character! - RiverClanRocks

What's wrong with that? Tails is swag.

I honestly love Tails! Til s isy favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character of all time! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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