Reasons Super Smash Bros. Brawl Is Better Than Melee

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1Fire Luigi

There's Classic Fire Luigi in Smash Bros. 64 and Melee but I found it kinda unfair that Mario doesn't have his Fire Outfit. - Metts

Fire Luigi and Fire Mario should of been in Super Smash Bros. 64 and Melee. - Metts

2Better MusicV1 Comment
3Better Graphics

Brawl is more realistic than Melee but graphics don't make a game. - Metts

4Easier to Play
5Peach Got Worse

Peach was one of the best characters in Melee, in Brawl she was weak.

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6Mario Is Weaker

Only because of his down b move and that's the only thing that made Mario a little weaker but he's still a good character. - Metts

7Luigi Is Stronger

He's easier for me to control the ground punches. - Metts

8Ike Replaced Roy

At least Ike isn't a clone of Marth.

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9Samus Died

She came back unfortunately. Dark Samus is far better than Samus. - Metts

10Subspace Emissary Is Better Than Adventure Mode

I think Adventure mode is better. - Metts

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11Luigi Got Worse

He's a lot better in Brawl in my opinion. - Metts

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12More Modes
13Custom Stages
14Final Smashes
15Meta Knight Joins Brawl And He Turns Out To Be The Best Character
16No Clones

I think the point that was meant to be made is when Brawl had similar characters they were diversified enough to be considered more semi-clones.
Melee definitely has more blatant clones than Brawl.

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17Melee's Unstable Auto-Saving

Super Smash Bros Melee has a habit of auto-saving whenever leaving a menu, getting a trophy, leaving a stage etc. The constant, non-consensual saving has been said to be the cause of memory cards getting corrupted and not only does that hurt Melee's data but any other game data on that card.
At least in Brawl this problem is null and void.

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