Top Ten Reasons Why 5 Seconds of Summer Is Better Than Justin Bieber


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1They Can Actually Sing

Where as Justin Bieber can't sing even if he tried AND had auto tune! 5sos is amazing and they're voices are so good! - Lina1028

Justin Bieber can't sing at all because he relies on auto tune nowadays and I feel sad for people that are sticking up for Justin after he's been sent to jail and then sings about girls not real meaningful things.

5SOS sing about meaningful things and so does Justin. Justin sings about girls aND SO DO 5SOS OKAY. THEY BOTH SING ABOUT GIRLS SO WHAT?

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2Their Songs Are Better
3They Are Kind and Funny and Cool

Michael, Calum, Asthon and Luke are all weird but in a great way and they're so funny! - Lina1028

4They Have Better PersonalitiesV1 Comment
5They Are Not Annoying

Yes, they are. They think they are a rock band and trust me, every single rock fan hates them.

6They Love Their Fans While Justin Is Rude to His Fans
7They Don't Try to Be Something They Are Not
8Their Music Videos Are Better
9They Are So Cute

Cute? Videos? Cool? Personality? Please give me reasons bout their actual music. these are invalid reasons. - gemcloben

Are you against 5 seconds of summer? Are you on Justin Beiber's side? They're really good reasons and I'm surprised you are saying they're invalid. It's like you think Justin Bieber is better! - Lina1028

10People Only Like Justin Bieber Because They Think He's Hot

And people love 5sos because... Oh, yes they are kinda hot.

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11Justin Bieber Was Labelled As "2014's Most Annoying Celebrity"
12They Don't Need AutoTune to Sound Great

They sound like an old woman having anal sex.

13They Write Their Own Songs and They're Deep and Meaningful
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