Top Ten Reasons Why Arbiter Is an Awesome Halo Character

You never thought you'd see a Nintendo fan making a list about Halo huh? But seriously, Arbiter is an awesome character in the Halo franchise. Although I haven't played Halo 3 yet, I'll mostly be focusing on Halo 2.

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1His camouflage ability

This ability is fun, and helpful at times. Its one of the reasons I enjoyed playing as him. - nintendofan126

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2He's fun to play as

He's also a playable guest fighter in the third season of Killer Instinct (2013, Xbox One)

Honestly, when I played Halo 2, I found my self having more fun playing as Arbiter more that Master chief. (I still like Mc though) - nintendofan126

3He has an interesting personality

I find his personality unique and interesting compared to the other characters. - nintendofan126

4His voice is awesome

Not as awesome as Master chiefs, but still really cool. - nintendofan126

5He had a great role in Halo 2

Like a said before, I enjoyed playing as him, and he makes the game interesting. - nintendofan126

6He's cool looking

I think he's one of the coolest looking Halo characters ever. - nintendofan126

7He's tough

He's defeated many enemies, gone though some serious challenges, And he even teamed up with Master Chief. - nintendofan126

8He defeated Tartarus
9He teamed up with Master Chief

Ah, yeah. Best plot twist in the Halo series! - eventer51314

10He's strong

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11He is self-confident and has determination!
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