Top 10 Reasons Why Ash from Pokemon Doesn't Need a Girlfriend (In Canon)

Just shipping for fun is one thing, wanting him to be in a relationship in canon is another story.

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1 It's canon and well known that he's completely indifferent about romance

The only girl he showed "attraction" to was Giselle in the first season. That's it. that was so long ago. He's attraction to her is as irrelevant as levels being in the anime. - Ruee

2 He's a 10 year old boy

It would be different if the people wanting Ash to have a significant other if the said people are still kids, but most of them aren't. They are at least in their late teens, adulthood. And no offense, but if you are in your late teen years or an adult doing this to Ash, you need to reevaluate your lives because it comes off as creepy. (Even if it's only fiction, fiction does in fact have impact on real life more than you think it does) - Ruee

"Ash Ketchum is a 10 year old boy, so Ash should not be in a romantic relationship, and Ash should not have a girlfriend. This is girl's stuff, sorry, but I thought of it since the first time I saw it. BUT NO! THE GIRLFRIEND RUINS HIM! " - ClassicGaminer

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3 He will never age

He doesn't age because the writers don't want him to because it makes the target audience have an easier time relating to Ash. This makes it clear he won't be able to be in a romantic relationship because 1. it be hard because he's a kid and 2. he's at an age where it's hard for children to feel romantic attraction and understand it as they don't have the hormones to do so and he's stuck at being that age. - Ruee

When I was not born be was around 10(40 yrs ago).when I was 10 he was still ten(4 hrs ago.)...huh does he live near a super massive black hole? - Toucan

The writers intentionally don't age Ash and keep him 10 so he can relate to the target audience who, you guessed it, are around 10. - Ruee

4 He lives in a world where he will be completely happy without romance in his life

Sorry, Amourshippers. Ash doesn't need romance. If you want romance in an anime, you're looking in the wrong direction. Let romance stick to Sword Art Online, not the Pokemon anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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5 He will only view his companions as his close friends and nothing more
6 He doesn't need to be in a romantic relationship to be happy

Yeah, he's perfectly happy the way he is. Besides, him and Pikachu are so close, he doesn't need a 'significant other.' Pikachu sort of fills that role (their relationship is totally platonic, of course). - eventer51314

7 Pokemon is not about romance and any hinted canon shipping with Ash will never happen

Pokemon is about the Pokemon (duh! ) and Ash's journey and adventures. - eventer51314

8 He's at an age where it's very difficult to feel romantic attraction and understand it
9 He will always leave his companions behind and get new ones each new gen
10 Serena turned into ship bait because of her crush on Ash

AND AMOURSHIPPERS GOT SLAMMED by the Pokemon Sun and Moon previews because Serena isn't in it. Serena's crush and all your efforts was for nothing, huh? - Ruee

You can't deny the idea of Amourshipping has ruined her character since the beginning. - Ruee

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11 He needs to focus on becoming a Pokemon Master and travel the world

Which would be a lot harder if he was bogged down in a relationship. - eventer51314

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