Top Ten Reasons Why Batman Is Better Than Mortal Kombat

Did You Know What's Better Then Mortal Kombat! Batman! Here's Why!

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1Better Graphics

I like the graphics if the Arkham games better than the MK games! - Danteem

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2Better Story

Well Xbox isn't made for story's do yeah

Way better story I enjoy it more! - Danteem

3Better Acting

The acting sucks in Mortal Kombat! Batman have great acting in most movies! - Danteem

The movie sucks! Every mk fan knows it! Don't judge a series off a crappy movie. - Therandom

4Better Characters

Batman is better than scorpion! - Danteem

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5Better Action

The fighting was Incredible in Batman but not Mortal Kombat! Haha! - Danteem

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6Better For Kids

Kids like to watch Batman and not Mortal Kombat! - Danteem

And that's one of the reasons what makes mortal combat better

7Less WeirdnessV2 Comments
8Cooler ThingsV2 Comments
9Better Music
10More Popular

Mortal combat is a more popular game then any batman game

Batman is more popular than Mortal Kombat! - Danteem

Really this is a reason

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