Top Ten Reasons Why Battleground 2015 Sucked


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1Kevin Owens Buried

They should've have Owens beat Cena for the title and end the fued at that. Come on he kicked out of an AA off the second rope. - DK

2Pointless Cena Win
3Creative Team
4No Sting

They were rumors of him being apart of the Reigns vs Wyatt finish but apparently those rumors were false - DK

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5Lesnar vs Rollins

The match was not that good and barely had any time, but at least Undertaker came out it didn't make me as pissed off as I previously was - htoutlaws2012

WWE built up this feud good then gave us a 9 minute squash match that ended in a no contest - DK

6The Commentators
7Regins vs Wyatt lasted the longest of any other match

Even though it was the longest Match, that doesn't mean it was the best match - DK

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8No Cesaro or Rusev Interference

They should've have Owens beat Cena for the title and then have Cesaro or Rusev attack him from behind - DK

9Intercontinental title Pulled Due to Injury

Just when WWE were tryin to build back up the Intercontinental Championship as what it used to be, something bad happens - DK

10No Triple H Turning On Rollins

WWE are saving the HHH vs Rollins Match for later down in the year - DK

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11Most of the matches were barely worth even 3 stars
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