Top Ten Reasons Why Big Hero 6 Is Awful

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1It's not funny

Yeah well someone called me 3. I don't like this movie. I'm sorry.

Check out in Frozen that movie had a lot of flaws and it was stupid and overrated

I don't think it was really supposed to be a comedy in the first place

The best Disney movie ever

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2It's boringV1 Comment
3It's not educational

Since when does a movie have to be educational for it to be good? - Minecraftcrazy530

I know right? See my next comment right below this. This is why I hate the world we live in. - Disney1994

Educational Shows/Movies=Terrible

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4There are sad parts in it

There are sad parts IN ALL Disney MOVIES! GET OVER IT! As if it wasn't bad enough that we had the Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen Is Awful, I found this right after I found Top 10 Reasons Why Tangled Is Awful. This and Top 10 Reasons Why Tangled Is Awful are just rip-offs of Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen Is Awful. What next? Top 10 Reasons Why Wreck-It Ralph Is Awful? Or The Lion King? Or ALL Disney movies? I seriously want to die right now. - Disney1994

How does that make a movie awful? I don't mind if you hate it (because I have some overrated movies too) but at least give it a bit of credit for this. - idontknow

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5It's a complete rip-off of The Avengers

What? No really? Of course. Avengers had a medical robot. Right? - AnonymousChick

What a rip-off of avengers but it was still an alright film.

Okay, try to explain why stan lee was in the movie.

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6It has stupid superheroes with stupid powers

But whells get face, you get electric and you are inside a suit

Baymax's fist is cool

I forgot about honeylemon's

7It has bad music

What do you mean? It's not a musical. - Disney1994

Immortals rocks! Whoever made this list has very negative opinions.

Yeah the music immortals is so cool

8It has bad animation

Do you know how much work is done to do animation? It's like make the Great Wall of China with matchsticks. Slowly moving hundreds of control points in a single character bit by bit. And by the way the animation is the best I seen in a animated movie, so realistic. Have you even seen bad animation?

Obviously, this person never seen any adult swim shows or Nickelodeon shows. - MorganChambz

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9It's not anime. But people keep claiming that it is

There's a manga but I know it's not anime...and I don't know anyone who had actually called it anime so - samanime

10It doesn't make sense

How? Yes, it is not like Frozen where they point out every aspect of the plot but if you actually watch it... - AnnaOfArendelle332

Look, can't we all just agree that we all can have our own opinions? - MLPFan

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11It has fans who can't accept other people's opinions

Sorry, guys...But It's true. You guys are actively disrespecting this person. And you guys wasted your own time, trashing others' opinions. That's childish - MLPFan

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