Top Ten Reasons Why Big Hero 6 Is Better Than Wreck It Ralph

Big Hero 6 is an awesome movie. I do like Wreck it Ralph, but I think Big Hero 6 is a bit better for these reasons.

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1It's Funnier

I have to admit Big Hero 6 was very funny, especially the "Discovery" scene. Wreck it Ralph did have funny parts, but less funny parts than Big Hero 6. - TopTenJackson

Bay max is more funny than ralph

This is not fair,I like both of these movies and their competing now:(

Only the first half of the movie was funny...

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2It is More Original

Wreck it Ralph may be one of my favorite animated films of all time, but I guess half of these reasons are true!
Glad that you're back, Jackson! - MostTalented_BoyX

I'm mad that these 2 films are being compared. They are both good. - Gamecubesarecool193

But Ralph is a video game movie, and video game movies are superior to all kinds of movie types,not really,they just seem the best for me - Nateawesomeness

3It Has a Better Story

Wreck it Ralph did have a good story, but Big Hero 6 was more original and has more drama. - TopTenJackson

I actually think that Wreck-It Ralph has a better storyline. He's a villain who doesn't want to be a villain. Big Hero 6 is just: a guy steals micro bots. Hiro and his friends need to get them back. - JaneMoffat

Well drama is bad! Drama is stupid!

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4The Characters are Better

You don't really need to have brawn in order to succeed (like Ralph). You can use your brains too! (just like Hiro). This doesn't mean I don't like WIR, its cool but Big hero 6 just went to the top of my list.

Marvel comics characters, or lame video game characters. Choose wisely

I found Ralph's story the clich├ęd "I don't fit in " story, though good. Big Hero 6 had a story about a boy that had to get over a death. In the manga it did say Hiro was treated differently because of his intelligence. But I also liked how Hiro is not that stereotypical protagonist. I mean the kid tried to kill someone! - AnnaOfArendelle332

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5The Plot is Better

No their plots are both the same

But wreck it Ralph's were about a game character going on missions,trying to earn respect,trying to escape a game he accadently crash landed in.and saving the entire arcade,and he does gain that respect - Nateawesomeness

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6Big Hero 6 has more drama

Drama isn't necessarily good. There's also melodrama which I think is a better word to describe the supposed "drama" in Big Hero 6. - JaneMoffat

And wreck it Ralph had successful dramas well

But drama is bad,but to be honest,big hero 6's drama was actually good

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8Big Hero 6 has a better location

No wreck it Ralph does! Your inside a videogame for goodness Keys!

This one is inaccurate,big hero 6 is only in san fransisco,ralph is in an arcade game for god sakes - Nateawesomeness

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9It is More Emotional

Big hero 6 made me laugh and cry in the first fifteen minutes! - AnnaOfArendelle332

Your probably autistic for crying while watching that movie - Nateawesomeness

Honestly, I cried during Big Hero 6! - Lina1028

Don't you realize it's mean when someone try's to make you sad,so I guessed the writers are mean,sure this reason might seem ridiculous,but it's the truth, - Nateawesomeness

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10It Had Better Music

See, now I respect this list. Although I enjoyed Wreck it Ralph better, the creator of this list wasn't saying a character from Wreck it Ralph was terrible, or if the plot was messed up, or whatever. - MontyPython

No, it didn't. "Shut Up and Drive" is way better than "Immortals". But since neither of them are musicals, it doesn't really matter that much. - JaneMoffat

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11Immortals is better than When Can I See You Again

What? That is totally not true. And why are we comparing Immortals to the end credit song anyway? - JaneMoffat

Because immortals is actually part of the movie,jeez,learn wreck it Ralph is great to

12Sonic the Hedgehog Appeared In Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck it ralph was a good movie the only reason I hated it was that dumbass hedgehog was in it.

That's a good thing! and big hero 6 didnthave any good video game hcaracters - Nateawesomeness

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13Not a lot of crass humor

One bothering thing about Wreck-it was how crass it was. I still liked it but Big Hero 6 had A LOT less.

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1. It's Funnier
2. It Has a Better Story
3. It is More Original
1. It's Funnier
2. It Has a Better Story
3. It is More Original
1. It's Funnier
2. It is More Original
3. It Has a Better Story



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