Reasons Why Captain America: Civil War is Better Than Batman V Super Man: Dawn of Justice

Captain America Civil War is a much... much better movie than Batman V Superman.

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1More and Better Action

There's obviously way better action in Captain America Civil War than Batman V Superman. - Metts

Batman and Superman are supposed to be friends! Not enemies!

2More Interesting Storyline

The story it's way more interesting and better things going on. - Metts

3Better Characters

The Characters were developed way better. - Metts

4It's More Fun to WatchV1 Comment
5Better ActingV1 Comment
6The Creators Did a Better Job on it

The directors are better by... FAR! - Metts

7It Made More Sense

It doesn't make any sense that Batman and Superman are fighting each other and it made way more sense that Iron Man and Captain America were fighting. - Metts

8There's More Going on

I've seen more and better things going on in Captain America Civil War than Batman V Superman. - Metts

9It's Way Less Boring

I was bored the entire time I've watched BvS and wasn't bored at all when I watched CACW. Plus I've seen CACW four times and BvS once. - Metts

10It Got Better Critic Scores

The critics aren't always right but sometimes they are when they compared CACW to BvS. - Metts

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