Reasons Why Christian Bale is a Better Batman Than Ben Affleck

Christian Bale is a better Batman than Ben Affleck, here's why.

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1He's a Better Actor

He acts better than Ben Affleck. - Metts

2He's Been in Better Movies

I like Batman Begins and the Dark Knight just fine and I hate Dark Knight Rises but at least it's way better than Batman V Superman - Metts

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3He's Has Better Batsuits

Christan Bale has been in better suits than Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck's batsuit sucks. - Metts

4He's More SeriousV1 Comment
5He's Done More Action

I've seen more action in the Dark Knight more than in Batman v Superman. - Metts

6He is More Badass

Christian Bale is probably stronger than Ben Affleck. - Metts

7He Has Better Bat Mobiles

I like his mobiles designs better. - Metts

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8He Doesn't Wanna Kill Superman

Ben Affleck tries to kill Superman and Christian Bale will try to be friends. - Metts

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9He Fights Better Villains

The Joker was brilliant in the Dark Knight. - Metts

10He's More Realistic

His suit looks more realistic to me. - Metts

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1. He's a Better Actor
2. He's Been in Better Movies
3. He's More Serious
1. He's a Better Actor
2. He's Been in Better Movies
3. He's Has Better Batsuits



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