Top Ten Reasons Why Console Wars Are Pointless

Console wars have been going on for years! And to be honest, I don't really the point in it. Why argue about? Wouldn't you rather do something productive with your life? Anyways, here's some reasons why consoles wars are pointless.

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1There is literally no point in it

All I ever here is people arguing about Xbox and PlayStation. Just buy your video game console and be happy. - nintendofan126

I agree... Console wars are completely pointless and all video game systems and developers are good in their own way.

Look, a good console doesn't always have good games. Take The NES for an example. There are some good like SMB, TLOZ, and a lot more. There are also games like, Where's Waldo, the Barbie Game and mr jype and someone (cannot remember). But here's my point: a good console does not always mean the games are good.

2Just buy your video game console, play it, and be happy

What would you rather do? Sit down enjoying a good game? Or waste your time arguing about consoles? - nintendofan126

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3You could be doing something productive with your life rather than wasting your time fighting about video game consoles

You could do so much more with your life. You could go outside and play sports, go to the Beach, go hiking, adopt a pet, save a pet, find a special talent, get a job etc. You get the point. - nintendofan126

I know right. I'd rather come out and play Pokemon Go than take part in a console war. Just be happy with your favourite console. Simple.

Well, even fighting over good games still have much more of a point than fighting over stupid gaming systems. Just buy a console and be happy with it,as Nintendofa126 says.

4It starts pointless wars

I've seen so many debates on Xbox or PlayStation. Again, where's the point in console wars? - nintendofan126

That's why I avoid console wars over Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. - Metts

5A new war starts every time new consoles are released

First there was Super Nintendo vs sega genesis, then Nintendo 64 vs PlayStation, then Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3, and now there's Xbox one vs PlayStation 4. Will this ever end!?!? - nintendofan126

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6Every console is best in their own ways

Obviously this is true. Good list. - Metts

7It's one of the biggest wastes of time ever

It's a bigger waste of time than watching grass grow. - nintendofan126

Like think you for wasting my life. - Metts

8There's too many debates on the internet

Why don't you use their internet for knowledge rather than fighting about pointless subjects!? - nintendofan126

Internet is more for entertainment and research rather than fighting. - Metts

9It's one of the many things that has taken over their internet

There's a lot of pointless wars and cyberbullying going on many gaming websites and YouTube. - Metts

10It's been going on for years V1 Comment
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1. There is literally no point in it
2. You could be doing something productive with your life rather than wasting your time fighting about video game consoles
3. Just buy your video game console, play it, and be happy



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