Top 10 Reasons Why EA's Star Wars Battlefront Sucks


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1Lack of Content

DICE should never have accepted this project, they were too busy, this should have been a developers main focus

Insulting use of an amazing franchise

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2Expensive DLC and Season Pass

I understand season passes, a lot of revenue comes from dlc. But this dlc content they are releasing should have been included in the base game

3Only 4 Planets at Launch

Only 4? Inexcusable. The first had 9! And the second had nearly double that. This is inexcusable for a Star Wars game - Cody__JamesZ

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4No Clone Wars

Clone Wars will be in battlefront 2, then battlefront 3 will include everything. If only there was a star wars game I could play now that had everything...

You star wars haters are very ungrateful!

5No Galactic Conquest

No doubt a result of the lack of planets... - Cody__JamesZ

6No Space Battles

The new Call of Duty has space battles... really DICE? REALLY? REALLY?!?!

7Tokens Instead of Actual Vehicles on the Ground

This is lazy level design. So, I have to run around the map to find these tokens to randomly spawn into a ship instead of climbing inside or even spawning into one instead? - Cody__JamesZ

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8No Single Player Campaign

Don't care about campaign, but would have played it if it was included

9Terrible Voice Acting

It would irritate me more if the voice acting was amazing, wasted on a game

10No Instant Action

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11No Class System, everyone just picks a weapon to shoot things!
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