Reasons Why Frozen Haters Are Worse Than Frozen Praisers

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41 They constantly complain about Anna and Elsa

Complain about Anna and Elsa yet act like Mulan and Tiana are above all criticism.

Yet act as if the Hamada brothers and/or the sisters in "Lilo & Stitch" are these absolutely perfect holy beings that can do no wrong.

Not just the Pelekai sisters and the Hamada brothers- they also constantly bash Anna and Elsa but act like Tiana and Mulan can do no wrong.

I only like Anna, but I hate everyone else.

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42 They hate the idea of Anna and Elsa being portrayed as related to each other as sisters

Canon haters: Anna should've been a Weasley

Canon haters: Elsa should've been a Malfoy.

It's fine if their sisters, if this was true what would I do,criticize everyone for having a sister,that'd like being racist,and I'm not racism,so no,I don't

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43 Frozen haters think Anna and Elsa should've been portrayed to be unrelated V 1 Comment
44 They keep insisting Elsa should have been kept a villain V 1 Comment
45 They say we can never change their opinion yet think they can change ours

Hello, person "trying to lure people from Frozen" and "WILL STAND MY GROUND" and person who will "go to Let it Go to dislike the video, comment, and then suggest some Sonic the Hedghog songs that are better than Frozen songs". You give haters a bad name. Also, even taking Frozen out of the equation I have zero interest in any Sonic songs or Sonic anything because of fans like you that are actually just as bad if not worse than the Frozen fans.

By the way I really pity you people who think that video game soundtracks that are literally 10 seconds long and just loop over and over are better then actual songs

"...bad if not worse than the Frozen fans."

Yes, Frozen haters may want the fans dead, but look, its not like most of you fans are any better. We Frozen haters would appreciate it if most frozen fans would not spam anyone in caps if they said he or she hated frozen. We probably wouldn't hate them. But no. Look , don't get me wrong, I don't like frozen, but I respect fans' opinions. Also, I reccomend you to listen to some Sonic Songs like Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone. Those are really good.

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46 They complain that Elsa should've had more screen-time too

The better question: if they hate Frozen why are they always commenting on pro-Frozen lists? If it's to "lure people away from Frozen", how would you feel if someone did that sort thing on Sonic or Zootopia or Splatoon or Lego Movie or whatever everyone's supposed to worship lists?

Since when did Frozen haters say she should have more screen time?

If they hate frozen why the heck do they want more elsa screen fime

47 There are far more hate lists for Frozen than there are pro-Frozen lists

Also it's annoying because no matter what movie Frozen is being compared to on any list, the lists will always consist of the exact same reasons, even if it's not always number 1, 1 of the reasons on each list is always "it's not overrated" or "the songs aren't annoying"

And stop comparing it to movies it has nothing in common with, you don't need to make a list like "why paranormal activity is better than frozen" or something like that, they're just comparing it to all these different movies because they're just looking for an excuse to say every movie in the entire world is better than frozen

Also 'things that should happen to" lists. NO MOVIE IS PERFECT FROZEN HATERS! Can't you realize that?

"Reasons why Sanjay and Craig is better than Frozen" is an actual list here. Need I say more?

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48 They accuse Frozen fans of liking stuff like Dora the Explorer or Foodfight or Adult Party Cartoon

Or Barney, and I don't mean Fife, Miller, or Rubble.

I've actually never seen a Frozen fan do that. Never. Seen. A. Frozen. Fan. Do. That.

49 They're so intent on making sure the movie, characters, and song top every possible "worst" list that they don't pay attention to "worst" lists calling out a specific year

Seriously, what are all the members of the frozen hatedom trying to accomplish? Constantly complaining about the movie and making it top a bunch of worst lists isn't gonna wipe it from existence or anything, and plus, it's been going on for 3 years now, just cut it out already

Can almost bet money they'll make sure "Frozen", "Let It Go", or Anna and Elsa are on the worst lists for 2015 or even 2016 even though the movie came out in *2013*.

Seriously, it's gotten to the point where Frozen is literally #5 on the worst movies of all time list, Jesus Christ guys just relax, you don't need to go that far with the hate

You know what haters, since you love to raid the comment sections of any positive lists that have frozen on it with hate comments, how would you like it we we went to every positive list that had The Lion King or Over The Hedge on it and loaded those with hate comments?

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50 They think it's for girls

Actually, that's being generous. Typically they shout about how it's not for anyone, not even girls, four year olds, or four year old girls.

51 They hate Frozen fans
52 They are mean

Mulan was released almost twenty years ago and there are still so many people singing that annoying song from it and talking about it! MULAN SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF STYLE WAY BEFORE NOW!

Yeah, you're right, we are, because we are so tired of people obsessing over it! Frozen was released more than two years ago and there are still so many people singing that annoying song and talking about it! FROZEN SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF STYLE BY NOW!

53 Some of them have never seen frozen
54 They feel the need to add "in yo face" and "HAHAHAHAHA" to their comments
55 They bash on the frozen fans
56 They are selfish

Actually, I don't own very much of the merchandise at all, thank you very much.

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57 They think their opinions are facts

Hate to break this to you, but "Frozen is the worst thing ever" is not a fact. It is, indeed, an opinion. Even saying it is annoying is not a fact because annoyance is an opinion.

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58 They think they're cool for hating it
59 They hate Disney
60 Most Of Them Don't Even Hate Frozen As Much As They Say They Do

At the very least, they have to know there are worse movies than Frozen for all the time they spend declaring Frozen the absolute worst movie ever.

It just really annoys me how many people who don't even hate Frozen, just dislike or thought it was just ok constantly try to pretend that they hate frozen just to blend in with the crowd, so whenever I see someone who says "I think Frozen is the worst movie ever" I just laugh and go "yeah, sure you do"

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