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61Anna is a Prick

Girl from San Fransokyo (its just a name, but whatever): Not So Dear Fake Anna and Elsa,

Hey, you! Uh, yeah, you! You guys are just so damn overrated and you should just get out of the list because you guys are just too cowardly and dumb to know wuz going on. By the way, I'm way more awesome than you two, right? YOU SUCK!

Who is the annoying idiot who is constantly pretending to be Anna and Elsa - TwilightKitsune

Princess Anna of Arendelle: Hey! Don't call me a prick. Take that back.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle: Yeah! How dare you call my little sister Anna a prick? Huh?

Me: How come you are always asking this pointless questions? Have you read any of the comments on here? - MorganChambz

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62The Frozen Merchandise

Really? Frozen Is In EVERY SINGLE Shop! All Frozen Stuff Is Bad. One Time I Saw A Baby Elsa That Sang Let It Go In A Crappy Voice.

I like Frozen merchandise as much as I like Princess Rapunzel merchandise.

63Queen Elsa looks like a ripoff of Superman

You can't compare this two with each other! - Number18

Hey! Just because Queen Elsa has things in common with Superman doesn't mean she looks like a ripoff of Superman.

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64Queen Elsa is a ripoff of Inky from Pac-Man World 3

Just because Queen Elsa has things in common with Inky from Pac-Man World 3 doesn't mean she's a ripoff of Inky from Pac-Man World 3. Queen Elsa and Inky may be different yet similar but that doesn't make Elsa a ripoff of Inky from Pac-Man World 3

You know about Pac-Man World 3? Erwin's Fortress's walls look about the same color of Queen Elsa's dress and affinity and Erwin himself... and even Mega Man X.

65Anna and Elsa are the worst sisters ever

Anna's annoying, stupid, and she fell for Hans.

Elsa is whiny and didn't care about her people when she froze her kingdom.

The idea portrayal of Anna and Elsa as related to each other as sisters, especially orphaned sisters is the most all time worst nightmare ever so far anyway. Another worst nightmare is the idea of Anna and Elsa living and being isolated together with each other in the same isolation in the same royal Norwegian kingdom of Aren-delle during forced separation ever since after the accident/incident.

Not only the worst sisters, but in my opinion one of the worst fictional siblings I have ever seen. I mean Elsa shuts Anna out her entire life, not seeing or talking to her for years and suddenly both of them pretend to care for each other.

Not only the worst sisters, but in my opinion one of the worst fictional siblings I have ever seen. I mean Elsa shuts Anna out her entire life, not seeing or talking to her for years and suddenly both of them pretend to care for each other.

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66Agdar and Idun hiding the actual truth from Anna about why Anna and Elsa grow up without each other for ages and years.

No wonder Anna had to be stuck living with the isolation, confusion and loneliness without being told the truth by her own parents and even Elsa about why Anna had to live away from her only big sister best friend forever Elsa because of that stupid accident happened.

I know because I found out the real names of Anna and Elsa's parents on the Internet.

- Elsa and Anna's parents (If they were alive) :... Great... Wonderful plan... You know the worst ennemy of your daughter is fear... and you do everything to scare her to death, emprisoning her, not encouraging her to accept her powers, etc... Surely the worst parents of all. Yeah! That's true! Anna and Elsa have the worst parents ever.

How did you know their real names?

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67Worst parents ever

What kind of parents completely destroy there own child's life and locks them away from society!?

If I were the parents, I would say to at least TALK to Anna but tell her she has a secret she shouldn't tell. I mean, even though Anna IS dumb, she is EXTREMELY patient. I would've gone into the bomb room and BOMBED Elsa's door down. And it must have been PURE TORTURE for Anna. I mean, what parents would want THIS for their own child?

68Stupidest Sisters Ever

I agree. Quit doing stupid things Elsa and Anna.

69Elsa's Smug Grin

Looks like Elsa is evil after all.

She thinks she's better than everyone.

"Reminds me of the stupid face of one of my classmates. She can make the same expression. One reason to hate two people :) "

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70It's Nothing Like the Snow Queen

The creators of Frozen really should've create and include another snow queen who is bad just like the titular original snow queen if Elsa really deserves to be another heroine of Frozen.

You've been saying that repeatedly, okay yes I agree with you now stop repeating it. - Anonymousxcxc

They only have magic ice powers in common.

"Stop hating Frozen! "

Aww...poor baby can't stand us. Get off this website then BABY.

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71There Are Too Many Songs

I really do think that this movie has too many songs! There are too many! There are about 10 songs! - Gamecubesarecool193

Sweeney Todd had even more songs, yet the reason why Sweeney worked was because all of the songs had a purpose and they all were both memorable and enjoyable.

72It doesn't explain why Elsa Has Powers

Where did she get her powers? I have no idea, but whoever wrote this clearly didn't watch tangled. It explained what was going on and why rapunzel has glowing hair. In frozen, they don't tell why elsa even has powers.

Why she didn't get invited to Hogwarts is obvious. - Gamecubesarecool193

Come on! The king tells the trolls she was born with them when he brought injured Anna to them! Seems like most people missed that part... - sofiav

I think elsa was adopted from a monster family. That was a really stupid decision by the parents.

If Frozen gets a sequel, it should reveal how she got powers.

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73Hans was boring

Hans never ever even deserve to be portrayed as the real villain of Frozen. He's a prince for pete's sake. If anybody and anybody else entirely deserves to be portrayed as the real villain/villainess of Frozen, then it entirely should've been another snow queen who's entirely just as really bad as the titular original snow queen herself if Elsa entirely deserved to be another heroine of Frozen.

Seriously. If you are going to kill a powerful being you should be much more armed then just a little sword that isn't even going to kill her.

I KNEW EVERYTHING COMING! Like seriously guys unless you super little you didn't see this coming it so like barbie!

It's a musical

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Agree. Opening song, Sad moment, Disney Princess, Handsome guy, The girl loves him and wants to marry him, Something bad happens to one of them, 30 minute filler, We meet the second villain, Almost kiss, One of the characters turn against him, We meet the bad guy, one of them sacrifices herself, True Love heals her, Happy ending. An 1 hour cliche fest. - Gamecubesarecool193

This whole movie is a copy of awesome Disney movies blended together to make a repetitive sludge that should be copy righted to stop making torture that just does not blend with the 21st century or 3D Animation.

75Demi Lovato wasn't in it

I hate the Demi Lovato version of Let It Go - JaneMoffat

Well, I think if she was in it Frozen would get worse, not better (I hate Demi Lovato) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Demi did let it go better, I like her version

Demi is awesome. If she was in it, Frozen would have been tolerable at least.

76All of them are idiots except Kristoff

When I first saw the trailer for this film a while back. I only wanted to see this movie because of Kristoff. I thought the movie was going to be about him and his reindeer and exploring the woods, but then he stumbles upon Anna (At least from what I remember in the early trailers) But I got really disappointed when I saw how the characters acted and how the story focused on Anna and Elsa instead of Kristoff. I really wish Disney would break out of their "princess" cycle.

Kristoff is SUCH an idiot! He's SO idiotic! He is the classic uneducated, dumb guy. Who else would spit on their own sled and share carrots with a donkey-like reindeer? And Sven doesn't REALLY talk. Kristoff just pretends with a weird voice! Who's STILL pretending they understand animals when they're already 21 years old? Long story short, Kristoff is an idiot.

Yeah, Kristoff is born with wisdom, Elsa on the other hand, isn't it is true love that depends on the marriage

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77It is Inappropriate

It is sexist and portrays guys as bad people

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78They Abused Josh Gad's Sexy Voice
79Demi Lovato Sings at the End

It would be worse if Ariana Grande sings instead of Demi Lovato in the movie

Compare Disney's Demi Lovato to Nickelodeon's Ariana Grande. They both get very poor reception & high praise at the same time.

80It Ripped Off Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs With Its Opening Sequence

The first song is copied off of the dwarfs son

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