Reasons Why Frozen is the Best Movie Ever Made


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1 It's creative

This is such a dumb list. Frozen is not the best movie ever, there are several movies way better than it.

How does that make him a hypocrite? What you said makes no sense... - Therandom

Barney you are a massive troll. Hate me all you want but you'll just look like a boring idiot. Hate even worse movies like twilight or Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

Creative, watch Big Hero 6 and then say which one is creative, Big Hero 6, or Frozen

Even if this movie is creative it still Sucks no matter what because creativity isn't gonna be the answer to everything.

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2 The songs are awesome

I think you meant annoying. Hearing these songs over and over again only lose ourselves. - TheRegular1227

Really, those songs teach nothing but farts

They're good until you hear them several hundred times per day. - PianoQueen

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3 Great characters V 3 Comments
4 Olaf is hilarious

To be honest Olaf didn't make me laugh. I believe his "humor" would only make 3-5 year old laugh. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This guy is a huge troll. I think that's obvious.

He's the only good character in the film but he isn't hilarious - NoOreoForU

Hilarious, he is a dumbass, he wanted summer and snowmans melt in summer, he is a idiot and a jerk

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5 The animation is great

I would put it as an honorable mention on my list of "Top 10 Worst Movies With Good Animation" even that Frozen isn't the worst animated movie of all time. - The Ultimate Daredevil to (literally) everyone on the list.

Even though I hate Frozen, the animation is rather decent. - Powerfulgirl10

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6 Elsa and Anna are great sisters

Really? Elsa builds Olaf when Anna was begging for years to build a snowman. And Elsa built one WITHOUT her. - Fandom_Lover

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7 It's funny

Hahaaahahaahahaaha elsa haha anna ahaha olaf ahahaa lolololol do u think this is sarcasm? If you guessed yes than your correct - FerrariDude64

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8 It's a perfect movie

Can I show you the lion king and how perfect the lion king is? It's way better then frozen. - NoOreoForU

Have you ever seen the Incredibles? Watch that movie instead because it's way better than this retarded movie.

Anyone who hate this show is a real stupid-face - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

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9 Elsa has a blue dress V 5 Comments
10 It appeals to the whole family and not just kids V 1 Comment

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11 It's sweet
12 It's heartwarming
13 It has lovable characters
14 It has excellent moral values
15 It's magical
16 It's adorable
17 It's imaginative
18 It's joyous
19 It has positive messages
20 It's a feel-good movie V 1 Comment
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