Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than The Rolling Stones

I'm the person who made the list Best Body Parts of Justin Bieber. Please don't hate me for making this list.

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1Justin Bieber is Hot

You know what guys? Let's not even bother feeding the troll this time.

I made this list as a visitor while pretending to be JBL. LOL! The Rolling Stones are definitely better than JB even though I don't listen to them. - Metts

2Nobody Likes The Rolling Stones

Not true, a lot of people like them. Also this list is only a joke. - Metts

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3Justin Bieber Makes Better MusicV2 Comments
4Justin Bieber is More Talented

He's not as talented as The Rolling Stones! This is why THEY'RE WAY BETTER

I don't listen to Rolling Stones but this list is just a joke. I made it to troll JBL because I think it's funny. - Metts

5More People Like Justin Bieber More Than The Rolling Stones

LOL just kidding. It's meant to troll JBL. - Metts

6The Rolling Stones Sound Like Crap

I've heard a few of their songs and they're quite good but far better than JB. - Metts

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7Justin Bieber is Better at Singing V2 Comments
8Justin Bieber Has More Fans

The British Invasion Bands have more fans all of them put together than JB. - Metts

9The Rolling Stones are BoringV1 Comment
10Justin Bieber Loves His Fans More

Yeah, if spitting on people means you appreciate them... - Navylexi

The Rolling Stones like their fans more. - Metts

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