Top 10 Reasons Why Lil' Wayne Is the Best Rapper Alive

Ok, Now a lot of people hate weezy, I like him, remember this is my opinion.

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1Best Flow

He can't rap GOOD DAY SIR

PS: The reason why no one is posting is because this list is stupid, Lil Wayne is a worthless rat chicken thing. - maddyparrot22

I think Lil Wayne himself made this list

Rick Ross Sucks dick and he uses the same rhymes on all 6 albums

True Different flows

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2The Song A MilliV1 Comment
3Tha Carter III and IV

What the carter 2 is his best album

Those are his best albums the Carter 3 and 4 are the best

I would actually say these albums were the beginning of the end for Weezy. - WonkeyDude98

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4His Rhymes

His rhymes are good because he uses mulisylobic syllables and metaphors

5A Good RhythmV1 Comment
6Hard Beats
7His Mixtapes

I love the droughts and dedication 1-5 you guys are just hatin stupid haters


All he raps about is sex money and drugs in almost every song he's done

9The Song How to Love
10The Song How to Hate

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11Best Puns Ever

Puns that can be AMAZINGLY DEEP and complex or witty and fun

12The Mixtape Master
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