Top Ten Reasons Why The Lion Guard Is Going to Suck

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1Hyenas as evil villains only ... Again.

Yes. Disney obviously hated every hyena that exists. They are so rude. Simba is racist and will KILL EVERY.. HYENA. EVER. No. Just. NO. - HyenaLover

Why is it wrong to introduce at least ONE hyena that's a goody two shoes?

TheRe is going to be one good hyena in the show

I seen that episode with the good hyena

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2"Kion" is a dumb name

It is just 'lion' with a different letter, although it might be short for 'kiongozi', which is the Swahili word for 'leader'...

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3The animation style is not very good

The quality looks like it came out of those lame Land Before Time sequels that have been releasing over the years.

4It is a rip off trying to cash in the success of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

So true. From the animation style to using veteran voice actors/actresses from both anime and western animation to play guest stars in different episodes, I think TLG is trying too hard to be like MLP: FIM.

5Why does the lion cub have a cutie mark?... Oh wait.
6The Lion King franchise doesn't need a new installment and should have ended, died or banned by now.

It is the most overrated franchise in Disney history.

And it is getting even worse now with this series being a new addition... TLG is so cringe-worthy it reeks.

7It was only made to introduce new generations of fans, making The Lion King fandom even worse than it is now.

And you thought the MLP fandom was bad? Just stay out of the TLK fandom. I'm warning you.

8Not the best choice of animals for both the heroes and the villains.

Yeah, by the looks of it, Bunga acts rather mean. I know he's supposed to be the "bravest" but there's a difference between being brave and acting like some bully who doesn't give a care about anyone.

A doggone honey badger is one of the heroes, yet honey badgers are the meanest animals in reality. How come it gets to be a hero and a hyena can't?

9The songs aren't very good

Zuka Zama? My butt... It only encourages children to get into dangerous places without caution.

Circle of Life was classic. Can you feel the love tonight was harmonic, be prepared was motivational and the soundtrack was awesome. Zuka Zama is just 'cool'.

10Fuli is a ripoff of Rainbow Dash and Sonic

I fear the thought of shippers pairing up Fuli with either RD or Sonic once the show is running.

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?Too dark for a preschool channel

Exactly. I heard that the upcoming second season is going to be darker, which I am hoping it would be cancelled soon.

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11Flanderized Characters
12Simba's mother Sarabi is not in itV1 Comment
13It is rather dark for a preschooler show

I think bungas the first ever Disney Jr. Character to fart. I man did anyone remember stuffy farting on doc mcstuffins, or clover on Sofia first for the ostrich on miles from tommarowland farting

There are so many topics in The Lion Guard that could be somewhat 'adult' for a show intended for the toddler demographic. These themes would be fit better in a PG/PG-13/R rated film, TV14/TVMA-rated show, E10/T/M-rated game or even a hentai anime than a Disney Jr. show. The Lion Guard contains death, violence, suggestive themes and toilet humor. Heck, a female zebra gives live birth in one episode in the show. (Although it wasn't graphic nor do we see the birth, but still pretty dark) I am very surprised that no parent or political correct person complained about the controversies and explicit overtones in the show.

14It messes with the food chain.

Not to mention that they never let the hyenas eat, they always stop them, just because they're supposed to be the villains of the show.

Alright, who chases away animals because they are starving and just came for food? I was pissed off when I saw that new episode. Poor tiger didn't get to eat. I wish he ate farnold. Or whatever that kids name is. Stop messing with the food chain.

Ok I understand you do t want the hyenas to hunt like crazy but there are only like 3 hyenas SO HOW THE HECK CAN THEY RUIN THE THING YOU CAN THE CIRCLE OF LIFE and when kiara was tracking gazelles she said that the pride only needs to hunt what they need which is probably 10 gazzels a day because you have a whole pride to feed SO don't BE GREEDY AND STARVE THE HYENAS because the hyenas in lion king 1 ate better -_-

15It is an educational show for preschoolers, yet it may be teaching that hyenas are all evil henchmen and that good ones don't exist.

With the possible exception of Jasiri, who is a guest character and appeared in only one episode, spotted hyenas are still demonized and portrayed as villains in the show just like the movie it was spun off from. It sucks on many levels.

16Kiara is a kid
17It's a midquel instead of a sequel
18There's no romanceV1 Comment
19It ruins the timeline of the Lion King 2
20Kovu and nuka are not in Lion guard

They, along with Vitani, are confirmed to show up as some point later in the series.

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