Top Ten Reasons Why Luigi is a Hero

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1Saves Mario In Luigi's Mansion

Mario is not better than luigi because Mario lets Mario just lets luigi and gives Mariohis money nicely

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2Saves the World 10 Times Better Than Super Heroes!

Have you ever saw the sonic games? he saves the world a lot better then luigi - Nateawesomeness

He saved a plumber from a painting

Nope,sonic was a lot better,for god sakes he saved the world,not just one person,and he saved all the world like 10 times! so without a doubt,sonic saved the world 1000 times better then luigi - Nateawesomeness

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3He's Nice to Daisy

This other comment is just biased. There's no evidence to those claims. Mario and Peach are kind to Daisy, despite the awkward tensions. - DCfnaf

Mario is horrible and sexist to Daisy.

Peach is a big jerk to Daisy, always kicking her out and breaking bonds.

4Fixes the Pipes In New York In Mario Bros Arcade
5Saves the World Better Than Sonic Characters

He saved a plumber in a painting soic saved the world multiple times

6Better Than Mario

I totally agree with that, Mario should be the the little brother not Luigi

7Better Than Lame Villains Like Bowser and Dr. Eggman

But Luigi isn't a villain... This does not compare well...

Bowser is awesome! This is a lie! Lame villains are Boom Boom and Cloud N Candy - DCfnaf

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8Best Movie Actor In the Mushroom Kingdom

This doesn't make him a hero and that movie had some of the worst live action video ame acting ever the kovie sucks

9Beats Mario In the 99 Live Battle and Survive 98/99
10He's HilariousV1 Comment

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11He loves British Columbia

And that makes him a hero? Heroes don't love something just to be a hero. Heroes save someone or something like that. - EpicJake

12Luigi Saved the Galaxy In Super Mario GalaxyV2 Comments
13He Is An Internet Meme Sensation

This is why Luigi is my second favorite Mario character. Because they see him rollin', hatin'. - Garythesnail

14He's More of a Racing Star Than Mario
15Better than Mario in every way in SM64DS
16Has Charisma
17Can Rival Amy Rose

Amy would smack him with her Piko Piko Hammer and Luigi would cry and run away.

18He Saves Everyone Either Neutral or Evil, Mainly When They Are Being Nice
19He Is Much Less Cowardly Than Princess Peach
20His Voice is Cool
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