Reasons Why Marc Webb's Spider-Man Movies Are Better Than the Originals

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1Emma Stone is a goddess

Well I don't wanna say this but, her character die at the end :(

2Spider-Man is funny
3Romance is 100,000,000,000 times better

Oh please, please, please don't say that, the 80% in the amazing spiderman 2 is romance, in the fist movie is only a 10% and in the second movie is only a 20%, well in the amazing spiderman movie of 2012 is a 30%, but seen really superhero action of true is better than seen kissing scenes

4Spider-Man's intellect is explored a lot more

Two of Spider-Man's biggest traits are is humor and his intellect, two things sorely missing in the Sam Raimi movies.

5No emo dancing
6Spider-Man develops as a character

Tobey Maguire never developed as a character, he was the same shy geeky character at the end of the trilogy that he was at the beginning. Spider-Man is supposed to evolve past that, and become a strong and confident man.

7Homemade web shooters

Because the older movies used organic webbing, we never got to see the science side of Peter, and on top of that it makes absolutely no sense for them to come out of his arm. It would come out of his bottom...

8The fighting is a lot slicker
9Followed the Comics BetterV1 Comment
10Better web slinging scenes

In the original it was cool and all, but it just set at a medium shot, like you were watching a video game. In these movies you really feel like your'e there with him.

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11Spider-Man didn't cry over everything
12Better Use of Slomo
13Andrew Garfield Looks More Like Spider-Man
14The Villains Were Threatening

No they weren't, they were even sillier than the originals

15Better Spider-Man Outfit
16The Action Was Better
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