Reasons Why Mario Kart 7 is a Good Game

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1 It's fun and challenging

It's fun and challenging to unlock characters in the 150cc and I've beat them all which proves I'm pretty good at this game. - Metts

2 It has interesting tracks

The tracks are fun to play on and even the retro tracks even though they're not the same as before. - Metts

3 It has good music

It got the N64 winning theme and I hope Mario Kart 9 has the Double Dash winning theme. - Metts

4 It has good gameplay

I thought the gameplay sucks but when I played it, it's not so bad. - Metts

5 It has good graphics

Not as good as Double Dash, Wii, and 8 but still good graphics for a 3DS game. - Metts

6 It has a good Battle Mode

In my opinion is that Mario Kart 7 has the best battle mode in Mario Kart which makes it good. - Metts

7 The characters are easy to unlock if you're good at it

I'm pretty good at this game. Mario Kart 7 is pretty good and near great. - Metts

8 No Waluigi

I knew this was going to be on this list.

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9 There are no babies in the game

That's what's perfect about this game. Mario Kart 9 shouldn't have babies in this game. That's running out of damn ideas. - Metts

10 It has an organized character roster

The roaster in this game is very organized and also in many other Mario Kart games. - Metts

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11 It has many kart parts to collect

That's the reason why there's coins on the tracks. The pipe frame, B-dasher, and Soda Jet are my favorite karts in the game. Rollers, slicks, and standards wheels are my favorite in the game as well. Also I don't care which glider I use. - Metts

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