Reasons Why Mario Kart Double Dash Is Better Than Mario Kart Wii

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You can play as your two favorite characters. Not to mention how much uniqueness there is in DD compared to other Mario Karts. Come on, Nintendo, we need another Double Dash clone!

That's a great aspect! I easily prefer other playable Mario characters over the princess characters in MK: DD. I can't believe I'm getting flack and accusations for that no matter how reasonable I am. We need to respect opinions. Plus its graphics are not terrible while they're underwhelming for the standards of home console games in the 6th generation era of gaming. If anything, I would actually recommend MK: DD.

My two lest favorite characters in MK: DD definitely being Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. Yeah, you may know why...

2More fun
3Easier Gameplay
4Special items
5Better Karts
6Better Music
7Better Courses
8Harder to push off the other racers
9Better controls
10King Boo, Petey Pirahna, and the Baby Mario Bros. are playable

Agree that it is better I like mkwii but I like double dash more

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11Better Multiplayer
12More nostalgia
13You can't play as Mewberty in Double Dash

Sorry. I could not help it. I just hate mewberty - TheKirbyCreeper999

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