Top Ten Reasons Why Mario and Luigi Are Both Equally Good


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1They are both iconicV1 Comment
2They both star in great games

They star in some of the best Mario games. - nintendofan126

Except for Mario Is Missing and Hotel Mario.

3They deserve to be treated equally

Yeah! They both bring equal purpose to the series. To save the princess. Of course they're "overrated". They're the man characters.

I hate it when people treat one of them better than one another. Just treat them the same! - nintendofan126

4They are a great team on the Mario & Luigi series

For those of you who think Mario is a bully to Luigi, refer to their close relationship in this series. - Garythesnail

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5They are both great characters

They are two of my favorite characters in the series. - nintendofan126

6They have both saved each other before

Mario saved luigi in Super Mario Galaxy. And Luigi saved Mario in Luigis mansion. - nintendofan126

7Mario has F.L.U.D.D in Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi has the PolterGust 3000 in Luigi's mansion

So they both have something to wear on their backs - nintendofan126

8They are the most iconic brothers in video game history

As great as Hiro & Tadashi Hamada, which they can reasonably rival.

9They can both lift a castle in Super Mario WorldV1 Comment
10They have both saved the princess

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11They're both fatV1 Comment
12They have mustaches
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