Top Ten Reasons Why Mario and Pac-Man Should Never Be On TheTopTens


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1Pac-Man comics

The best Pac-Man comic series would be Pac-Man (Archie) Comics!

I know I said pac-man comics would be interesting but come on people, I'm hearing too much nagging now. - Chaotixhero

2Sonic & Mega Man haters

Believe it or not, Chaotixhero, it is actually the same person who is the Sonic & Mega Man hater - me, Kieran Glen Harris Stark, that follower who constantly gives you these comments. Your YouTube channel blew my mind, by the way.

Sega should work with Namco blah blah blah. Shut up. - Chaotixhero

Dude shut up already why are you defending/treating sonic like he's your god and the most powerful person stop it mario is already in thetoptens mario and pacman are already in thetoptens and you just feded it - VideoGamefan5

Maybe I WILL shut up then.

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3Mario this or Pac-man that

I prefer Mario Rivals! I prefer Pac-Man Lost World! Were do you people get that from? It makes no sense! Shut up about it. It's getting annoying. - Chaotixhero

Go Pac-Man! Screw you Modern Sonic! Mario, your games are childish.

I read your list 'things to hate about sonic the hedgehog'. Some people say 'Mario x would better, pacman unleashed would be perfect, blah blah'. I'm sick of it. - Delgia2k

4Nintendo fanboys

They are everywhere on this site. - Chaotixhero

At least Mario fans be mature and wont brag that sonic sucks

What I meant was that I find this offensive you're rude chaotixhero

Sega fanboys are just as worse!

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5Mario is better than Sonic

Who really cares who is better? They both have good and bad games. And if you can't accept that than you are not a gamer. - Chaotixhero

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6Princess Peach haters

All I hear is princess Daisy is better and princess peach is bossy. Okay look, Princess Peach is not bossy or rude. She is a kind hearted woman. And no I'm not defending her but I'm just saying let it go - Chaotixhero

Princess Peach has an awful voice & is a cruel-hearted woman who gets pissed if people forget her date or if one takes too long to rescue her. She is unforgiving and overrated and a coward.

Princess Peach is a cruel-hearted woman, Chaotixhero, but I see you do not mind Rosalina, the best gaming character ever! She was not only made by Nintendo, but everyone in heaven (especially God) created her.

The super Mario wiki never said she was rude, so THERE! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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7Sonic haters

I'm just gonna face it, no matter what I will say you still gonna hate sonic. - Chaotixhero

Sonic Adventure series suck, and so does every other Modern Sonic game except for Sonic Generations and Sonic Boom series.

I like most sonic games. The adventure games were amazing and os were the gnenesis game! Sega, please give us a sonic adventure 3! NO MORE SONIC BOOM PLEASE! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Dude shut up already I'm going to make a list about worst things about the list"reasons why mario and pac-man shoukd never be on thetoptens can't wait until you leave the site - VideoGamefan5

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8Pac-Man is better than Sonic

Pac-Man? Better than sonic? Really? I laugh every time when I see how stupid that sounds - Chaotixhero

Bahaha! Wait people actually think that. I've known sonic since I was 2 or 3 and I thought every sonic game I grew up with was good (and I was born In 2005 so yes that does mean sonic 06) and people actually think pac-man is better than sonic. Wow

People actually think that? Amateurs. - RiverClanRocks

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9Hotel Mario is a great game

Really? Are you people serious? Hotel Mario is a terrible game! I cannot believe how much love you giving hotel Mario yet not Sonic 06. You minus well start liking Super Man 64 - Chaotixhero

And yet people hate on paper Mario: the thousand year door and super Mario galaxy! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door is not actually a bad game, now that I have come to think of it. Neither is Super Mario Galaxy, and it is the same person who is saying these things on the TopTensList.

Hotel Mario is perfect in (almost) any respect!

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10Super Mario 64 is a bad game

What?! This is the best game ever! Take this off the list!

Why does super Mario 64 get so much hate these days?

Somebody will have a can popped off her ass if "Super Mario 64 is a bad game" is not off the list! I mean it!

The game will hurt your eyes and that's it - Chaotixhero

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11Chris Brown is the best voice actor for Pac-Man

Chris Brown is a terrible actor anyway. - Chaotixhero

12People say Princess Peach is the best

Princess Peach is so overrated because of her dress, her habit of getting kidnapped, her "HELP ME! Mario! " voice & her blond hair.

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13Mario is for babies

E stands for everyone which means anybody could play. I stopped being a Mario fan ever since that darn Visitor came around. I do have a share of favorite Mario games as well. - Chaotixhero

Super Mario 64 is the best Mario game ever, it's godly platinum! I saw your list of Top 10 Worst Mario Games, and you put Super Mario 64 as top 6. This is your worst opinion yet, Chaotixhero.

14Mario looks like a toddler
15Princess Peach is for babies

Believe it, Chaotixhero! I hate Princess Peach, or should I say WE?!

I am still having a difficult time guessing whether Princess Peach is a teen, child or adult. Go to hell, Princess Peach!

16People are less overwhelmed with Mario than mature gaming franchises
17Princess Peach is awesome

Really?! Princess Peach sucks and is very stupid & disgraceful.

18Princess Peach fans

This never used to happen! A wild Princess Peach fanbase?! What?!

19Yoshi fans

Top 5 Overrated Mario Characters

Top 5: Luigi.

Top 4: Shadow Queen.

Top 3: King Bowser (who is still grand)

Top 2: Yoshi.

Top 1: Princess Peach (she barely gets any hate).

20Rosalina haters
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