Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Party 2 Is the Best Mario Party Game for the Nintendo 64

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1It Improves the Mistskes from Mario Party 1

Nintendo learned from these mistakes! - Danteem

2It Allows the Player to Carry One Item

I like to carry one item instead of three because it's not a waste of items! - Danteem

3It Added the Banks

This will make the game funner! If you pass it you must give five coins and if you landed on it you take all of the coins from the bank! Bowser Banks are reverse! If you pass it earn five coins and if you landed on that space you have to give all the coins you earn from that Bank! - Danteem

4Fantastic Boards

The boards are all awesome! I really like Horror Land, Space Land, Bowser Land, Pirate Land, Western Land, and Mystery Land! - Danteem

5Great Mini Games

The mini games were pretty decent! They made better versions and worst versions of Mario Party 1 mini games! - Danteem

6No Rotation Mini Games

Mario Party 2 does not injured your hand like the first one who did it! - Danteem

7It Has Great Music

I love the pipe theme when I'm setting up the game! - Danteem

8The Characters Wear Costumes That Match The Boards

That was a great idea! They should bring that back in Mario Party 11 or 12! - Danteem

9The Gimmicks on The Boards

The only gimmick I hate is the laser in space land! It takes all of your hard earned coin! I love the Bowser parade in Bowser Land! That's was great, - Danteem

10The Option Mode

It have better option mode than Mario Party 3! - Danteem

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11You can turn it into something to watch

It's easy, just pause the game, go to settings, go to COM settings (or whatever it's called.), put your player on COM, And your done.

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