Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Party 4 Is Awesome

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1It's a Great Improvement Over Mario Party 3

3 sucks 4 rocks! 3 < 4! I love most things about 4! - Danteem

2No Dueling

I hate dueling because if I lose they sometimes steer my star! I swear when this happen! That is so irritating! - Danteem

3First Time Using 3D Boards

The boards look 2D but their 3D! Their are big huge platforms over land! It looks so cool! - Danteem

4Realistic Graphics

The graphics are so realistic looking for a 2002 game! It have the best graphics of that year! - Danteem

5It's Very Fun

Really fun game! I actually enjoyed it a little more than 6! But 6 was great too! - Danteem

6Battle Mode Was Great

Great Except a few unfair mini games I don't like like Bowser's Bigger Blast! But I won that a few times! - Danteem

7Great Music
8Cool Gimmicks on the Boards

I like the coin gathering gimmicks like the dolphin! - Danteem

9Fun Mini Games

The mini games were pretty decent for this games! I really like long claw of the law! - Danteem

10Great Boards

I like the Seaside and the Casino Board! Their the best boards in the game! I enjoyed those boards! - Danteem

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