Reasons Why Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics Games Is a Bad Idea

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1The past games are underratedV1 Comment
2The past games are bad

Hey guess what! There going to be a Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics Games!

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3It have bad controls for most games
4Party mode is not fair

They seal your points if they do better than you! - Danteem

5Short track is the worst sport in the series

It a dumb hard sport I always fail on - Danteem

6Nobody likes itV2 Comments
7Super Smash Bros is better

Most people love Super Smash Bros more than the Olympics! - Danteem

8Peach ruins it

She was supposed to be replaced by Rosalina in the past games. Peach even held a grudge to Dark Chao.

Sega is replacing Amy and Blaze, 2 awesome characters with Jet and Rouge. Nintendo is still keeping Peach and Daisy. Nintendo is not awesome.

9It Ruins the Sonic Series
10Sticks is Playable

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11Restrictive character selection

You get seven characters for EVERY event. Need I say more?

Why? I want to see Rosalina in boxing, Larry in Rugby, Zazz in gymnastics, and Zavok in 100m Freestyle!

This sucks! I want to play as Rosalina, Nabbit, Zavok, and Rouge in EVERY SI GLE EVENT! - DCfnaf

12Rivals in festival mode

You have to beat them until the next day and some of them are impossible so it not fair.
You are block from festival mode because of those idiots! - Danteem

13It ruins the Mario series
14Bad Dream Events
15It Doesn't Take Place In Greater Vancouver

I think that it is supposed to take palce wherever the next Olympic games are going to take place! - HeavyDonkeyKong

16The Fact That It's Another Olympic Game
17Rosalina is forced into an already good cast (again)

I don't hate her, but does she really have to be in everything?

Why does everyone care? Daisy is in just as much so shut up! Everyone wants to play as Rosalina so stop putting this!

18It's UnrealisticV1 Comment
19No Dream Events

They didn't even bother to put in Dream events, and the new characters are only playable in one event each. ARE YOU SERIOUS Nintendo AND SEGA?!?!

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